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Weathering With You's Hina VA Stars in Live-Action Insomniacs After School Trailer

Insomniacs After School live-action Weathering With You VA Hina Amano

While an anime adaptation is coming soon, a live-action Insomniacs After School movie was also revealed, and it stars Weathering With You VA Nana Mori.

This upcoming movie was first revealed a few months ago, but now, it finally has a new trailer that gives fans of the manga a taste of what to expect.

Along with the new trailer, the film’s June 2023 release in Japan was also confirmed.

Nana Mori Stars in New Live-Action Manga Adaptation

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Fans of Japanese dramas will likely be familiar with Nana Mori, one of the country’s rising actresses. Though anime fans might also know her for playing the lead role in Makoto Shinkai’s Weathering With You.

Specifically, Mori voiced Hina Amano, the main character who can control the weather in Shinkai’s 2019 film.

While Mori had previous roles before Weathering With You, it’s fair to call the movie her big break.

Though she didn’t just luck into it as she had to go through an audition with 2,000 participants.

Since then, Mori has been cast in a variety of films and TV shows, but not as a voice actress.

Instead, most of her next roles are in live-action projects, many of which are live-action anime or manga adaptations.

For instance, she played Yoriko Kosaka in the live-action Tokyo Ghoul S, as well as Minato Takatsuki in Liar x Liar.

Mori’s latest role is Kiyo in Netflix’s The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House.

Helmed by esteemed director Hirokazu Kore-eda, this series is based on the Weekly Shonen Sunday manga, Kiyo in Kyoto.

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Insomniacs After School Live-Action Film Trailer, Release Date

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Just a few days ago, a new trailer for the upcoming anime series adaptation by Liden Films was released.

Now, fans of the manga source material are treated again to another trailer for an upcoming adaptation.

The new trailer for the live-action film gives us our first proper look at Mori as Isaki Magari. Joining her is Daiken Okudaira, who plays Ganta Nakami.

Check out the new trailer here:

Insomniacs After School follows Ganta and Isaki, two students who meet at their school’s abandoned observatory as they try to get a nap.

The two soon bond over their insomnia as they try to reestablish their school’s astronomy club.

The Insomniacs After School live-action film will be released in Japan in June 2023.

Meanwhile, the anime series will be released a bit earlier with a scheduled April 2023 premiere.

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Source: Insomniacs After School Film Twitter account

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