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Indiana Jones TV Series Release Date, News & Update: Disney+ Sets Stage For Lucasfilm Show Ahead Of Fifth Installment

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An Indiana Jones TV series is reportedly in the works at Disney+.

According to Variety, Disney and Lucasfilm are aggressively looking to develop an Indiana Jones TV show for Disney+ and are now speaking with writers.

Indiana Jones TV Series Details

It is unknown whether the Indiana Jones TV Series is a prequel, a spinoff, or in some way related to Indiana Jones 5. Regardless of what happens with the freshly planned series, Disney apparently plans to grow the property with additional shows, movies, and more.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles aired for two seasons from 1992 to 1993, so the proposed Indiana Jones Disney+ series would be the franchise's second TV show.

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For Indiana Jones 5 in 2023, Lucasfilm is finally bringing Harrison Ford back as his legendary archaeologist. The movie has had multiple delays as the studio figures out how to wrap up Ford's run with the role and what the future holds for the Indiana Jones brand.

The idea that Lucasfilm may recast Indiana Jones has long been rumored, but it has now been disproved. Fans of the franchise were still very eager to see the characters and the universe in various contexts.

Will Harrison Ford Feature in the Indiana Jones TV Series?

The development of a new Indiana Jones show for Disney+ comes as Lucasfilm near the end of Harrison Ford's employment. Steven Spielberg and James Mangold created a plot for Indiana Jones 5 that is intended to be his farewell. Harrison Ford has even confirmed that this will be his final performance as the legendary archaeologist at D23 2022.

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This highlights the improbability of Ford's involvement in an Indiana Jones TV series. He has already taken on a new franchise role as Thunderbolt Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The decision by Lucasfilm that Indiana Jones will never be recast has hindered their ambitions for an Indiana Jones TV series. No one else will ever play Indiana Jones, according to studio head Kathleen Kennedy, thus, the old fan castings of Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper taking on the role will not happen.

Disney may be less interested in revisiting the same concept, given that The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles previously examined his earlier escapades. This could imply that the upcoming Indiana Jones TV series will instead focus on a different protagonist and not really feature the show's namesake hero in any way.

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