Incredible Hulk’s Liv Tyler Rumored To Return In MCU’s New Hulk Film

The Incredible Hulk has been one of the most disappointing MCU films to exist as it was last seen back in 2008 before eventually, Marvel Studios replaced the Hulk slash Bruce Banner we have now come to know, played by Mark Ruffalo. Out of all the Avengers, Banner is the only member we have yet to see a solo film or show about. However, a new rumor is circulating that Mark Ruffalo will soon be having his own Hulk film, as well as the return of an old The Incredible Hulk cast, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross.

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According to the insiders from Tales from The Mod Queue post on Reddit, amongst many upcoming Marvel films and TV shows, World War Hulk happens to be one of them. While there are little to no details yet on the Hulk film, the insider noted that it will soon be moving forward as a movie with Liv Tyler set to return as Betty Ross.

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Although we have last seen the actress in the MCU back in 2008, the existence of the multiverse is what’s going to potentially make all this happen. While World War Hulk has yet to be confirmed by Marvel, and there is no timeline yet on when the film exactly happens, this does present a great many possibilities for Bruce Banner’s own origin film!

Given that we have been introduced to She-Hulk or Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and soon, Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford coming into the MCU as Red Hulk, there is no doubt that World War Hulk is set to be one of the most highly anticipated Marvel films! While it is not yet clear as to how Betty Ross’ role will play into the rumored film, seeing as she was not mentioned before, it is great to see Marvel bringing back old cast members to reprise their roles and do justice to their forgotten stories.

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