The Incredible Hulk Star Liv Tyler Makes First Appearance with Mark Ruffalo in New Marvel Book

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

It's a little crazy to think how Betty Ross has seemingly disappeared from the Marvel Cinematic Universe radar following 2008's The Incredible Hulk but Marvel Studios has previously confirmed that she's still part of the universe via subtle references even though they'd like for us to forget about the second MCU film ever made. Now, we've yet to see actress Liv Tyler interact with Mark Ruffalo considering she originally starred with Edward Norton but a new book from Marvel shows the two side-by-side for the first time ever.

The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond has been home to several surprising new info about the MCU and this time, they're putting the focus on Betty Ross and Bruce Banner. A new image from the said book (via The Direct) which ties directly into the universe features Ruffalo's Banner and Tyler's Ross together in a lab, long before Bruce became the green giant. Sure, it may seem a little odd given the fact that both actors have never crossed paths in the MCU, but it's still pretty cool to see. Check out the image here:

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Liv Tyler's absence from the MCU still remains a mystery to most fans and a lot has happened over the last decade in the universe. While her return to the franchise seems very unlikely, there's still always a chance she could turn up in the upcoming She-Hulk series over at Disney+ which is likely to feature Ruffalo but we still don't know for sure. But besides Thunderbolt Ross, Marvel seems to be avoiding all remnants of the first and only standalone Hulk film so don't be surprised if they'd like for us to forget about Betty. Still, seeing her and Ruffalo share some screen time would be nice so I hope it could still happen.

She-Hulk is still in its early development.

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