In What Manga Chapter Does the Fairy Tail Anime End?

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In What Manga Chapter Does the Fairy Tail Anime End?

Fairy Tail is one of the most-loved shonen anime. The first season aired from 2018 to 2019, which was followed by a second season from 2014 to 2016. The third and final installation of the series was released from October 2018 to September 2019. But in what manga chapter does the Fairy Tail anime end?

The show centers on Natsu Dragneel, a dragon-slayer in pursuit of dragon Igneel, his adoptive father. He partners with a celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia.

The two of them go on an adventure to accomplish their personal reasons. The anime and manga received well responses from readers and viewers alike.

In What Manga Chapter Does the Fairy Tail Anime End?

Fairy Tail Last Manga Chapter
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The last chapter of Fairy Tail is chapter 545, which is also the last episode of the anime.

The Fairy Tail manga was finished in 2017 with a total of 63 tankobon volumes with 545 chapters. The English version of the manga is released by Kodansha USA after Del Rey Manga shut down in 2010.

The manga was also acquired by other publishing companies like Turnaround Publisher Services and Penguin Books Australia to release more copies of the English version of Fairy Tail.

The anime did its best to mirror the manga. Although the amount of content is not the same – 545 chapters to 328 episodes – the anime was able to tell the story of Fairy Tail in a manner wherein manga readers and anime viewers will know what happened in Natsu’s journey.

While both mediums have their differences, like the anime having less gore and manga having more fan service, Fairy Tail fans can choose one medium and still get the same impact of the story.

Even better, following a Fairy Tail watch guide can make the viewing experience more fun as the viewer can follow the right way the story progressed.

What Is Fairy Tail About?

In What Manga Chapter Does the Fairy Tail Anime End About
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Fairy Tail follows Natsu Dragneel. He is a dragon-slayer wizard who is part of the Fairy Tail guild. He is on a journey to find his adoptive father, named dragon Igneel. He meets Lucy Heartilia along the way and encouraged her to join Fairy Tail.

The two of them, along with Happy, Natsu’s Exceed partner, start their journey. They were joined by other guild members too. They encountered a lot of challenges along the way but they were able to continue their journey.

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