Im Si Wan Shares How He Perfectly Portrayed His Iconic Villain Character in Unlocked

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Im Si Wan opened up about his role in the Netflix film Unlocked and shared what made him accept the offer to appear in the movie.

The streaming giant released the Kim Tae Joon-directed thriller film on Feb. 17. It tells the story of an ordinary marketer whose life instantly changes after the mysterious man, Oh Jun Yeong, obtains her phone and installs spyware on it.

Following the movie's premiere, Im Si Wan scored the spotlight for his hair-raising appearance.

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Im Si Wan Talks About Unlocked Role

In a recent interview with Sports Chosun (via Daum), Im Si Wan talked about his main villain role and how he took on the character, which is different from his previous roles.

The actor previously played his first villain role in Emergency Declaration, but he is known for his lead and supporting roles.

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"Usually when we lose our smartphones, our daily life is disrupted and also we feel anxious," he said. So rather than expressing the character in a serious manner, I tried to be a character that playfully messes up the other person's life and makes fun of the difficult situation the other person is in."

Im Si Wan also shared what he told other publications previously, saying that he did not initially want to play the role. He revealed that he contemplated whether he should pursue the project since, although its script was great, the character was not of good influence.

After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to appear in the film.

Im Si Wan Speaks About His Co-Stars

Im Si Wan shared how he worked with his co-stars, specifically with Cheon Woo Hee and Kim Hee Won.

He showered his female co-star with compliments as he declared that the actress is really great at acting. Although he was already aware of how good she is, he got the chance to see her act in person.

The actor also praised her for her concentration, even during emotional scenes. Per the actor, he was left amazed by her energy.

On the other hand, he sang praises for Kim Hee Won, adding he got inspired by his acting after watching him in the Merciless.

"I actually was really curious about his approach to acting that I asked him. Despite having an amazing career, he is always thinking about how to portray the character better and make the scene better. I admire him so much as an actor in that sense," he went on.

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