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If You Wish Upon Me: Ji Chang Wook Shares Tragic Past His Character Went Through

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Ji Chang Wook introduced his character in If You Wish Upon Me to the viewers ahead of the K-drama’s release.

If You Wish Upon Me was created based on a real-life organization in Netherlands wherein terminal cancer patients can make wishes.

The 2022 K-drama series explores the life of a young man who goes to a hospice hospital following a community service order. He joins the hospital’s staff and helps it fulfil the wishes of people near the last days of their lives.

Before the arrival of episode 1, Ji Chang Wook shared more details about his character in a new interview.

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Who Is Ji Chang Wook’s If You Wish Upon Me Character, Yoon Gye Re?

Yoon Gye Re is a man who starts volunteering at a hospice hospital due to an accident. He experienced the worst in his life as he grew up in an orphanage before entering a youth detention center and prison.

In an interview shared by SE Daily, The Sound of Magic actor said that his character has been hurt by a lot of people in the past. Yoon Hye Re, unfortunately, experienced a life full of struggles when he was younger before going to a hospice hospital following a community service order.

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“Although he is lacking in some aspects, he has a side to him that you want to support and embrace.” He continued, “It was really a joy to act as Yoon Gyeo Re, and I worked even more excitedly on set because he is a figure that I have really been wanting to portray,” he said.

Ji Chang Wook also noted that his character looks upon the world with a pessimistic view due to the things he went through.

If You Wish Upon Me Will Make Viewers Cry

During the same discussion, Ji Chang Wook was asked to pick keywords to describe his character. The Melting Me Softly star chose family, son, and love that describes Yoon Gyeo Re.

According to the actor, viewers will understand the words more if they watch the series. He particularly told the fans to watch how the character’s life in the hospice hospital changes after meeting Team Genie.

Ji Chang Wook’s new K-drama If You Wish Upon Me will release episode 1 on August 10 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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