Hwang In Youp Shares Positive Side of Debuting in Late 20s

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Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Hwang In Youp knew when the perfect timing is to become an actor.

Hwang In Youp first conquered the industry as a model in 2017. There have been reports suggesting that he was once under YG Entertainment’s model management company, YG KPlus.

Years later, he debuted as an actor in Why before starring in more notable series, including The Tale of Nokdu, 17 Again, True Beauty, and the current hit series, The Sound of Magic.

Although he started late, Hwang In Youp shared how becoming an actor and model in his late 20s actually helped him.

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Hwang In Youp Talks About Late Debut

In a new interview (via SBS News), the actor said that becoming an actor in his late 20s made him feel less pressured compared to other actors and actresses.

"I made debut considerably later than most other people in the industry. But when I was in my early to mid 20s, I felt very pressured. I also kept thinking, 'This wasn't how I imagined my life to turn out.' So, I worked really hard on everything,” he said. "But after entering my late 20s, I suddenly felt like I've used up too much energy in my early to mid 20s. So, I learned to relax and accept some things the way they were in life."

Although he waited for a long time, Hwang In Youp feels happy and blessed that he can be part of a series and move as an actor.

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For someone who can now work with actors and actresses who he only saw on TV, Hwang In Youp feels grateful for the opportunity.

The actor then added that, he imagined becoming a mature guy in his 20s when he was a teenager. However, he eventually realized that it was not like that in real life.

With his move to slowly learn things, Hwang In Youp can control everything on his own while growing better as an actor.

Hwang In Youp’s Successful Career

Although he has been part of several award-winning series and films, the actor garnered people’s attention again with his appearance in the Netflix series, The Sound of Magic.

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun, the series immediately debuted at No. 4 position on the streaming giant’s chart. It became the first non-thriller series to make it to the top 10 list.

With Hwang In Youp’s continuous success, it is highly likely that he will enjoy his career even more in the next few months or years.

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