Shooting Stars Cast Members Excitedly Celebrate Yoon Jong Hoon's Birthday on Series' Set in New Behind-The-Scenes Clip

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Shooting Stars cast members grew closer since the filming began, and they recently showed their relationship during Yoon Jong Hoon’s birthday celebration.

The tvN drama, which began on April 22, tells the story of the people working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. It features Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae, who portray the roles of PR team leader Oh Han Byul and South Korea’s top star Gong Tae Sung, respectively.

After reaching half of the story, the cast members showed a closer relationship, and they recently celebrated Yoon Jong Hoon’s birthday on the set.

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Shooting Stars Welcomes Guest Stars + Marks Yoon Jong Hoon’s Birthday

In a new behind-the-scenes clip shared by tvN Drama, the PR team flaunts their close friendship during the rehearsals. It also shows the housewarming party Lee Jung Shin’s Do Soo Hyeok prepared.

The group also has a hilarious misunderstanding after listening to the rules of the drinking game in the drama.

Meanwhile, Kim Young Dae and Yoon Jong Hoon film the scene after Gong Tae Sung got sick after seeing Eun Si Woo. While discussing Gong Tae Sung’s love life, Kim Young Dae tells him that he likes someone.

Yoon Jong Hoon, acting as his character, says that it is Hanbyul that Gong Tae Sung likes.

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But Kim Young Dae takes the opportunity to catch him off guard by saying, “Nope, it’s you.” The whole staff and cast members then surprise Yoon Jong Hoon and sing him a happy birthday.

Shooting Stars behind-the-scenes clip also shows the guest stars for episodes 7 and 8: Song Ji Hyo, Moon Ga Young, Choi Ji woo, and Kim Dong Wook.

Moon Ga Young expresses her excitement after seeing the Find Me In Your Memory couple (Ha Jin-Jung Hoon) again. She also says that they will support Shooting Stars until the end.

“I met with director Lee Soo Hyun today for the first time in a while and came to cheer her on. For the first time in a while, I was able to meet with staff members from the past, so it was a very happy time. Be successful, ‘Sh**ting Stars,’” Song Ji Hyo says.

Shooting Stars Episode 9 Release Date and Time

Shooting Stars episode 9 will be released on May 20, and it will release new episodes every Friday and Saturday at 10:40 p.m. KST.

Here’s a glance at Shooting Stars episode 9 release dates in other regions:

Central Time: 8:40 AM (May 20)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:40 PM (May 20)

Eastern Time: 9:40 AM (May 20)

Pacific Time: 6:40 AM (May 20)

Philippine Time: 9:40 PM (May 20)

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