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Hugh Jackman Shares Hilarious Ryan Reynolds Video For National Coffee Day

You know it's a good day when Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are on social media posting funny videos of each other. In celebration of National Coffee Day, the Logan star has shared a hilarious new video of the Deadpool actor trying out some "teeth-whitening" coffee.

Jackman posted the video on his official Instagram account. It shows Reynolds tasting a cup of Jackman's Laughing Man coffee and showing off its effects on his pearly whites. Check it out below.

First of all, we wish the Laughing Man teeth-whitening coffee is a thing because who wouldn't love the idea of enjoying a cup of your favorite brew that is also capable of making your teeth look brighter? Secondly, we're not sure if those are Reynolds' real teeth.

Although the post was all about National Coffee Day (and the chance to poke fun at Reynolds yet again on social media), fans immediately began hoping that the two actors would eventually reunite in a Marvel film featuring their iconic characters. While we're still not sure whether Jackman will consider reprising his role as Wolverine, we're crossing our fingers on this one just so he could get back at Deadpool in a new movie.

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