Hugh Grant Called Rude for Awkward Interview With Ashley Graham at Oscars 2023 Red Carpet

Credit: Page Six/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Page Six/YouTube Screenshot

Hugh Grant is in hot water following his red-carpet interview with Ashley Graham at the Oscars 2023. Many noticed that the conversation was awkward, and he seemed not in the mood to be there.

Hugh Grant And Ashley Graham's Awkward Interview

On Sunday, Graham spoke with Grant, a "veteran" of the Oscars. She asked him about his favorite part of the star-studded event/

"It's fascinating," he replied.

Graham attempted to make Grant elaborate his answers if there was someone an actor or film he was excited "to see" tonight. However, he gave the same vague response per Radar Online:

"No one in particular."

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The model tried to segue into fashion and asked the Notting Hill star: "What are you wearing tonight then?"

"Just my suit," he replied.

Graham tried another topic and asked Grant about his experience filming Netflix's hit Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. However, her attempts still failed when he replied:

"Well, I'm barely in it. I'm in it for about three seconds."

Graham added, "But still, you showed up and you had fun, right?" Graham nonchalantly responded, "Uh. Almost."

At that point, Graham concluded their interview, saying:

"Thank you so much. It was nice to talk to you."

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Netizens React to Hugh Grant, Ashley Graham's Awkward Interview

Many were not impressed after watching how Grant handled Graham's interview. Some felt that he was being rude to the model. Meanwhile, many praised Graham for the way she took Grant's responses.

One tweeted:

"And the Oscar for the guy who totally doesn't want to be there goes to Hugh Grant. #Oscar."

Rolling Stone shared a screenshot from the interview on Twitter with the caption:

"And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to Ashley Graham telling Hugh Grant, 'it was nice to talk to you.'"

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Another wrote:

"Hugh Grant is the biggest D bag for this interview. Hugh, If you don't want to be there go home. Worst Oscars interviews ever. #Oscars #Oscars2023 #HughGrant."

Beth Shelburne praised Graham for her attitude during the interview:

"Kudos to this beauty doing red carpet reporting who just handled a gloomy, pretentious Hugh Grant with grace & class. Has he always been such a turd?"

Jason Kennedy added:

"Don’t worry @ashleygraham….now you see why Hugh Grant isn’t one of our favorites to interview live. Well done working around his nonsense. #Oscar."

What can you say about Ashley Graham's interview with Hugh Grant at the Oscars 2023? Share your thoughts below!

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