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How Smart Is Ayanokoji in Classroom of the Elite?

How Smart Is Ayanokoji in Classroom of the Elite Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

In Classroom of the Elite, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji scored perfect points per subject in the entrance exam. Despite this, he was placed in D-Class. So far in the light novel, manga, and anime, fans have seen him use his intelligence to help the class improve and to achieve his own goals. But how smart is Ayanokoji?

Is he a natural genius or does he simply make the right decision at the right time?

If it was the former, did being in the White Room affect his mental capabilities? But why is he keeping it a secret?

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How Smart Is Ayanokoji?

How Smart is Ayanokoji
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Ayanokoji possesses high intellectual abilities which he demonstrates from time to time throughout the series. His keen intellect was observed by the homeroom teacher and student council president, which is why they were surprised that he was hiding his true abilities.

It was also proven that he exceeds the intellect of Kohei Katsuragi, Suzune Horikita, Honami Ichinose, and Arisu Sakayanagi even though these students are known for their high intellectual abilities.

He even told Kei Karuizawa that there is no question he cannot answer despite the school providing university-level questions that even the smartest students struggle to answer.

This shows that Ayanokoji is indeed the smartest character in the series.

How Did Ayanokoji Become So Smart?

How Did Ayanokoji Become So Smart Ayanokoji
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Ayanokoji was trained in the White Room by his father. The organization has been training children under different circumstances to improve their mental and physical prowess.

The children started fainting as the training got more difficult but Ayanokoji persevered until he was the only one left.

This made him believe that humans are worth nothing and that he can sacrifice and use other people to achieve his goals.

He treats other humans like tools and does not care about their emotions at all.

How Did Ayanokoji Become So Smart Ayanokoji
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He believes the only important thing in the world is victory. This explains why Ayanokoji is competitive even if he tries to hide it and uses someone else to gain from his achievements in school.

He wanted to live a peaceful and quiet life as he enjoys his freedom from the White Room.

At first, Ayanokoji tried to conceal his intellectual abilities, but as the series progressed, he found himself getting mixed up with the other characters.

Eventually, he started to help them improve in the hopes of reaching A-Class someday.

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