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Do Any of the Students Reach Class A in Classroom of the Elite?

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Do Any of the Students Reach Class A in Classroom of the Elite?

In Classroom of the Elite, Horikita has expressed her great desire to move up to Class A. Her objective was to get her brother to acknowledge her and the only way to do that is to become part of the prestigious class. Will she achieve her goal or will any of the students reach Class A?

The Advanced Nurturing High School has four classes per year: Class A, B, C, and D. Class A is the highest rank among all four classes.

To be part of Class A, the student must be excellent. It is also the most competitive class as all students are ambitious.

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Do Any of the Students Reach Class A in Classroom of the Elite?

Do Any of the Classroom of the Elite Students Reach Class A?
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As of this writing, Horikita, along with the other students of Class D, are still not in Class A.

They have, however, moved up to Class B after the unanimous special exam and sports festival. This could mean that there is a chance for the group to achieve Class A if they keep up their pace.

Even better, it seems like Sakayanagi is no longer interested in maintaining her status in Class A. She and Ayanokoji have been leading the group ever since they were in their first year.

Although the group has their own sub-groups inside, Arisu was acknowledged by the previous school president, who happens to be Horikita’s brother.

There were also some speculations from viewers that Arisu could be from the White Room as well, just like Ayanokoji. But this was proven wrong in the light novel, and she was just gifted with great intelligence and skills.

Speaking of Ayanokoji, Arisu’s eyes are fixated on Ayanokoji and defeating him became her goal. This could mean that Ayanokoji can distract her and Horikita can help uplift her class.

Classroom of the Elite is still ongoing so there is still a chance for Ayanokoji, Horikita, and the rest of the main characters to move to Class A.

There has been a debate about when this will happen as some believe it will come true by their graduation whereas some readers think that it can happen after their second year.

For now, light novel readers and anime watchers will have to tune in to see what happens next in the series.

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