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Classroom of the Elite's Points System Explained

Classroom of the Elite's Points System Explained

One of the founding characteristics of Advanced Nurturing High School is the S-Point or S-System. There is also a Class Point, Private Point, and even a Protection Point that students need to get in order to get allowances and increase their class level. So, how does the points system in Classroom of the Elite work?

At the Advanced Nurturing High School, each level is divided into four classes from A to D. The student can change his or her class if their class point is high.

The class with the highest class points will be named Class A, which is why Class D, where Ayanokoji and the rest of the team are, are working hard to earn their way up.

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Classroom of the Elite's Points System Explained

Classroom of the Elite's Points System
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As mentioned, there are four main kinds of points in Classroom of the Elite:

  1. S-Point (or S-System)
  2. Class Point
  3. Private Point
  4. Protection Point

The S-Point is the founding point system of Classroom of the Elite. However, as of this writing, this has not been explained thoroughly.

Class Points, on the other hand, are given to each student per class. The amount of points they receive varies depending on the class’ whole performance, mainly on their academic standing.

The school evaluates this through special exams, which explains why each class strive to give their best during the said examination. Added points can be given to them towards the end of each month if there are other notable performances made.

In case there are issues between classes, both parties’ class points are on hold.

The private point is given to each student, which can be transferred and used for different transactions as a monetary unit (1 point is equivalent to 1 yen).

The private point can grow each month by a factor of 100 depending on the class point. For example, if the class maintains 1,000 points for a month, they will receive 100,000 points in the upcoming month.

Lastly, a protection point allows the student to override an expulsion. In the event that the student fails an exam, they can use their protection point to cancel out all the wrong answers on the test.

Take note that a protection point cannot be transferred from one student to another.

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