Is Arisu from the White Room in Classroom of the Elite?

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Is Arisu from the White Room in Classroom of the Elite?

Arisu Sakayanagi is the class representative of Class A in Classroom of the Elite. She is known for being one of the smartest students in the academy. Her level of intellect made viewers question if Arisu was once part of the White Room.

The White Room is where Kiyotaka Ayanokoji came from. It is an educational institution led by Kiyotaka’s father where he would develop the level of intellect of selected students by removing unnecessary things that could distract them. The only child that was able to reach the target was Ayanokoji.

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Is Arisu from the White Room in Classroom of the Elite?

Is Arisu from the White Room?
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The answer is no. Arisu did visit the facility with her father when she was younger hence how she knew about Ayanokoji.

After finding out about the White Room, she vowed to defeat Ayanokoji to prove that natural-born geniuses like her are far better than a false genius like him.

As far as the series goes, Arisu is a strong opponent. She leads Class A and even has her own set of followers who believes in her abilities.

Her intellectual ability was unlike any other and even Manabu Horikita, the school president, praised her abilities, including her leadership skills.

She received the highest overall score for her year. Even Kiyotaka acknowledges her abilities as it was natural and not forced like what he had experienced in the White Room.

What was interesting is that Arisu can be manipulative and cunning too, just like Ayanokoji. She knows when to use her charm to get what she wants.

She can even make Ayanokoji have a difficult time in chess, which was surprising for someone who was trained for so long.

Arisu is not a typical character. She thinks way ahead of her opponents and can create a counterattack within seconds.

Her abilities might confuse people as someone who came from the White Room but it seems like a normal girl can possibly be this amazing without the harsh training from the educational institution.

The question now is, will she be able to beat Ayanokoji? Stay tuned in Classroom of the Elite season 2.

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