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How Old is Siesta in The Detective is Already Dead Anime?

Siesta is the heroine of the anime, The Detective is Already Dead. She calls herself the great detective and Siesta is actually her code name. She uses a musket gun as her main weapon and has other special tools with special powers in her missions.

The anime is originally a Japanese light novel that is still ongoing. There are five volumes that are already published in 2019. A manga adaptation was made that can be read in Monthly Comic Alive. Those who prefer to watch anime can stream the series in Funimation. There are a total of 12 episodes planned for the anime adaptation.



How Old is Siesta in The Detective is Already Dead Anime?

How Old is Siesta in The Detective is Already Dead Anime? 1
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Unfortunately, Siesta’s age is still unknown. Since the light novel, manga, and anime are not finished, there is a chance that more of her details will be revealed soon. For those who have not watched or read The Detective is Already Dead, Siesta is a girl wearing monochrome clothes, mostly her grey jacket, black blouse, and grey skirt. Simply put, she looks like a goth Lolita.

She has chin-length bobwhite hair with Birkin bangs. Her sky blue eyes are as captivating as her hairstyle. She also likes clipping bobby pins on the right side of her hair. Nagisa and Kimihiko consider her beautiful.


Like her age, most of the details about her are unknown. She is a mysterious character but those who tune in to the story will realize that she is an accomplished detective. Siesta is smart and has all the abilities needed to become a good detective. In terms of skills, she has athletic and physical capabilities that can surpass normal people. She can even carry Kimihiko while running. This gave Kimihiko doubt whether his boss is an android or just a strong human being.

Unfortunately, as the title said, Siesta is already dead. The story starts years after Kimihiko and Siesta parted ways and now he finds himself solving cases again but this time, alone. The series will give viewers a trip back to the past with how Kimihiko and Siesta solved cases before and the truth about how the detective actually died.

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