Horimiya Episode 11 Release Date and Time, Countdown, and Where to Watch English Sub Online of the Anime

Credit: CloverWorks

Credit: CloverWorks

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Horimiya Episode 11 Release Date and Time buzz around as there are a few episodes left before the season finale of the season and after what just happened in the previous episode, CloverWorks' chart-topping anime of the production studio of the high school romance of Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura and the challenges that come with of their relationship.

Horimiya is based on Hiroki Adachi's manga series of the same name penned first under the pseudonym Hero on the website of the author itself Dokkai Ahen. The shōnen manga series is published in print under Square Enix in the Gangan Comics, and in English under the Monthly G Fantasy by Yen Press.

The nostalgia and young love that comes with Horimiya continues to captivate its audience both in its manga series and anime which scored the title a live-action adaptation in both film and television drama. Hori and Miyamura's relationship is so relatable as it tackles a deeper relationship between high school students that they accept each other's skeletons in the closets when love then is usually superficial.

The anime series of Horimiya is a complete package, from the story, to the characters, even to the music used for the opening song of the anime. The song of Yoh Kamimura, Color Perfume, graces every episode with light and youthful feeling with the beat and the lyrics of the song.

The ratings of Horimiya have been consistently high on the pedestal that the probability of securing a second season is relatively high for the anime series. Because of the popularity that the series has gained over the first season, it is highly likely that the series would have another season despite the fact that there is still no confirmation yet from the producers or any parties related to the anime series as to whether there would be one.

Horimiya is nearing its endgame for season one given that there are only 13 episodes lined up for the first season. What comes next for the relationship between Hori and Miyamura?

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Horimiya. Read at your own risk!

What happened in Horimiya Episode 10?

In Horimiya Episode 10, Until the Snow Melts, the focus is more on the farce of Yuki and Tohru while featuring the relationship progress of Hori and Miyamura. Hori's issues seem to be showing like her abandonment issues and her submissiveness of loving being beaten and berated. Her issues have become so severe that it is affecting their relationship.

Hori's fearing that Miyamura's male friends would take him away from her and because of this, Miyamura tells his friends they cannot hang out anymore because that would be healthier for his relationship with Hori.

Meanwhile, Yuki and Tohru pretend they are dating and it is usually weighing on Yuki more. Both Yuki and Tohru turned down someone: Yuki turned down some guy who likes her and Tohru turned down Sakura. Yuki feels bad as Sakura efforted on Tohru and she just used him to shoo off some other guy. Yuki likes Tohru, of course, but her long history of not saying what she wants whenever it is on the tip of her fingers.

Tohru seems to want to keep their act going and all except asking Yuki to make it a real relationship, still, Yuki is happy with what she has. (Oh, how many of you has been in this kind of relationship, huh? Straight to the heart, eh?)

Sakura is trying her best in hiding her feelings that being rejected by Tohru is something that puts weight off her shoulder. Sengoku, on the other hand, pushes with Remi and he breaks down, something others wouldn't be able to see.

Where to Watch Horimiya Episode 11 with English Subtitles?

Horimiya is officially streamed by Funimation with a simultaneous airing of the episodes through Hulu and AnimeLab. Funimation's stream of Horimiya is both in the original Japanese audio with English subtitles and an English dubbed version as recently announced by Funimation along with the voice cast of the anime English dub.

Horimiya and the other anime titles under Funimation are released a week earlier for the premium access subscribers of the streaming platform. Funimation offers this through an active premium subscription with the rate of $5.99 per month or $59.99 a year. No need to worry for those who have not subscribed yet as Funimation releases the episodes a week after for free.

When will be the Release Date and Time of Horimiya Episode 11?

Episode 11 of Horimiya, It May Seem Like Hate, is scheduled for release on March 21, 2021, in Funimation at 12:30 PM JST/ 10:30 PM EST for the premium subscribers of the anime streaming giant. The release time varies depending on the geographical location of the viewer.

For those who have not subscribed to premium access yet, the previous episode will also be released for the general public for free at the same release date and time; and Episode 11 will be available for the following week, March 28, 2021, at the same release time.

Horimiya Episode 11 Countdown

Horimiya Episode 11 arrives in a week and as there are only a few episodes left, what will happen in the relationship between Hori and Miyamura now that Hori's issues are quite getting in the way and as for Yuki and Tohru's puppeteering relationship, where would their actions lead? Would it lead to something real or would they keep the set-up of almost-there-but-still-not-there? And about Sakura and Sengoku, how will they be handling their feelings?

While waiting for the next episode, here are some anime series like Horimiya that one can consider watching. In a few weeks, the anime series is about to end, do you think the series would secure a second season? Tune in and find out what happens in the high school romance anime series and what will happen in the last few episodes.

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