Horimiya Opening Theme Song Name, Title, Lyrics, Spotify and Where to Download the Intro

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Credit: CloverWorks

Horimiya has been giving high school romance a spotlight after its release as an animated series produced by CloverWorks. Aside from the animation and the story itself, what captivated the viewers more is the catchy opening theme song of the series.

From the manga of the same name, Kyouko Hori, a friendly girl from class 1 with admirable academic prowess, and Izumi Miyamura, a distanced loner who has found solace in his own company, crossed paths and found comfort in each other as they both learn to accept the personality both of them has hidden from others.


In the classic strangers-to-friends-to-lovers high school romance, Hori and Miyamura found themselves in a relationship to stand the test of life, peer pressure, and school.

This got more viewers interested in their story and the underlying truth that everyone has their own skeletons inside the closet waiting to be accepted and loved.

The opening theme song of the animated series is entitled "Iru Kosui" (Colour Perfume) performed by Yoh Kamiyama.

The original version of the song has been released for a decade and it has come back to the limelight when it was selected as the opening theme song for the animated series of CloverWorks, Horimiya.


The song offers a combination of new sounds with nostalgic feels of the ‘80s. Yoh Kamiyama intended that the song would make the listeners feel the delicacy and radiance of the youthfulness that passes by each and every one.

Yoh Kamiyama expressed that he feels extremely honored to be part of Horimiya and to impart his creation in such a heartfelt animated series. Yoh Kamiyama is a new sound creator which interests in the music of various genres, both old and new Western countries.

The opening theme of Horimiya, Color Perfume, was released after the first airing date of Horimiya. The song is currently available on Aniplex's official YouTube page.


According to the website of Horimiya and Yoh Kamiyama, the song will have a pre-distribution as a digital single on February 7, 2021. Stay tuned on their page as they have yet to announce where the digital release would be.

The song would also have a CD release on March 10, 2021, according to the two pages. It has yet to be announced whether the song would be available on Spotify but it sure is something to look forward to especially to those who have been invested in the series.

The lyrics of the song is in the fandom website of Horimiya where it offers both Japanese and English version. The lyrics of Color Perfume will surely get your heartstrings tugged as it has the feeling of nostalgia for love and change.

"What will be left are nostalgic fragrant and this song."

Horimiya is released weekly via Funimation with a simultaneous release on Hulu. The fifth episode of Horimiya will be on February 7, 2021, at 10:30 PM EST for those with premium access to Funimation while for those who have yet to subscribe, it will be on February 14, 2021, at the same time.


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