Honey Lee Compares Working As a Celebrity To Giving Birth

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Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Honey Lee spoke highly about her profession and compared it to giving birth.

Honey Lee, who is due to give birth to her first child next month, has been busy with her acting career after being successful as a beauty queen and musical genius.

In the past years, she already starred in several films and series, like Tazza: The Hidden Card, Lost in the Moonlight, Heart Blackened, Extreme Job, The Rebel, Be Melodramatic, and One the Woman.

As a multi-talented actress, she still has a lot to enjoy in her career. While she makes things as if they are easy to do, she reveals that acting is actually similar to giving birth.

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Honey Lee Explains Why Acting Feels Like Giving Birth

Honey Lee flaunted her baby bump for Vogue Korea and sat for an interview with them afterward.

She talked about having three films awaiting their premieres in the next few years. She jokingly said that the releases mean she has a lot of savings.

But amid the good things about being an actress, she revealed that working in the industry is as hard as giving birth.

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“After holding onto it well, I’m so excited to show it to the world. Since I’m awaiting birth and will be showcasing three projects one after another, I feel three times as happy. However, I really wanted to go around promoting my film with my full-term pregnancy body, so it’s regretful that the timing wasn’t right,” she went on.

Honey Lee is currently pregnant with her first child with her non-celebrity husband. They got married in December after confirming their relationship in November.

Honey Lee Reveals Next Plan After Giving Birth

Although she has a lot of projects to look forward to, Honey Lee said that she is not rushing herself to return to work.

Since she will give birth by next month, she expressed her desire to focus on her child and spend a sufficient amount of time with her first kid.

So far, she planned to return around the first half of next year.


For now, she is enjoying the time while waiting for her due date. Honey Lee said she is also excited to meet her baby and learn about the changes she will face after giving birth.

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