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Golden Child TAG Health Update: K-pop Idol Final Diagnosis Revealed + Boy Group To Continue With 8 Members Temporarily

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Credit: SBS KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Golden Child TAG will focus on his recovery before making a comeback in the K-pop industry.

Golden Child’s fans had been shocked by reports about TAG, whose real name is Son Young Taek, being in critical condition due to acute liver failure. He was admitted on May 19 to a university hospital in Gangnam after developing symptoms of acute liver failure.

Woollim Entertainment dismissed the claims about TAG facing a critical condition, and it shared further details about his case recently.

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What Happened to Golden Child Member TAG?

On Monday, Golden Child’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, released a statement confirming TAG’s current status in the boy group.

Per the company, the K-pop idol would halt promotions to focus on his recovery. Meanwhile, the group would continue with eight members temporarily.

It also gave clear details of what happened to TAG, saying that he got himself admitted on May 18 following his doctor’s opinion. At that time, he underwent tests and received a close examination.

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“[TAG] was diagnosed with poor liver condition from the initial test results, but through ongoing examinations and treatment from medical staff, his current test results and health status have improved a lot,” it continued.

Despite his improvement, Woollim Entertainment decided to focus on helping TAG in his recovery.

Golden Child’s US tour would also be pushed through with the eight members.

Golden Child TAG Became Subject to Rumor

Woollim Entertainment’s clarification came after rumors suggested that TAG would need an emergency liver transplant due to organ failure.

The agency said that his health worsened, but he is not in a critical condition.

“TAG is not in critical condition at all right now. However, his health took a turn for the worse, and he went to the hospital this morning and took a number of different kinds of tests. He's currently waiting for the results,” the agency said, per SPOTV.


Fans have since delivered their heartwarming well wishes to the idol.

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