Why Is Homelander Building A Supe Army? His Endgame Becomes Darkly Clear in The Boys S4

homelander supe army
Credit: Sony Pictures Television | Amazon Studios | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

homelander supe army
Credit: Sony Pictures Television | Amazon Studios | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

The Boys season 4 is finally unveiling Sister Sage's big plan for Homelander: building a Supe army to take over the world.

Now, it's no question that Homelander thinks highly of superpowered individuals than mortals, but what does this entail? Why is he moving forward with Sage's plan? Here's what episode 6 tells us.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Boys season 4 episode 6, so proceed with caution.

Tek Knight Spills the Tea About Homelander and Sage's Darkest Plan Yet

Once Hughie, Starlight, and Kimiko manage to infiltrate Tek Knight's cave aka his "sex dungeon", they blackmail Tek into offering his money to a Black Lives Matter campaign to torture the info out of him.

Tek Knight, who was evidently more afraid of donating his riches to the campaign than being killed by Homelander, spills the beans that The Seven's leader and Sister Sage have a deal to use his private prisons all across the United States.

While he doesn't know the exact masterplan behind Homelander and Sage's deal with him, the former Supe's speech at Victoria Neuman's alt-right political party pretty much sums up what they have been cooking behind the scenes.

As it turns out, they plan on holding humans hostage in prison while the supes take over the world for them. Despite Neuman defusing the tension of the politicians heckling at his plan, this still doesn't spell good for the Boys.

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Why Would They Need To Build A Supe Army?

homelander supe army
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This is exactly how Homelander becomes the fascist leader of the supes in The Boys comic books. He recruits international supes and uses the army to take over the United States, which already sums up his main masterplan in all this.

Homelander has always sought for validation and unconditional love he lacked in his childhood, and the only thing keeping him from truly falling apart is the idea of gaining the world's favor that he deserves to rule over them.

Once Homelander steps into the White House without being necessarily voted President, then the rest of the world will truly be doomed.

Much like what The Boys series has been doing, most of the original storylines could be changed in future episodes, especially when they plan to connect the events of season 4 with Gen V season 2.

Either way, if Butcher and the others do plan on taking down Homelander, they do have two choices: one is successfully creating the Anti-Supe Virus to potentially kill off the greatest and strongest hero, or two, revive Soldier Boy and use his powers to eradicate the other supes' of their powers to stop the chaos from ensuing.

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Meanwhile, The Boys season 4 episode 7 titled The Insider airs on Prime on July 11, 2024.

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