The Boys: Why Did Tek Knight Need Webweaver As His Sidekick in Season 4?

tek knight sidekick
Credit: Sony Pictures Television | Amazon Studios | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

tek knight sidekick
Credit: Sony Pictures Television | Amazon Studios | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

As the Gen V supe tries to make a difference by bringing his powers to The Seven's advantage, Tek Knight surprisingly 'gains' a sidekick in Webweaver in The Boys season 4.

But the question is, why did he specifically need Webweaver as his sidekick? What's the catch?

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains spoilers and disturbing topics such as sexual assault from The Boys season 4 episode 6, so proceed with caution.

Tek Knight's Search For a Sidekick is Not What You Think It Is

Tek Knight is supposedly the parody of Bruce Wayne aka Batman, with his previous sidekick, Laddio, meant to be depicted as Robin.

And without a sidekick, Tek Knight was out on a limb searching for a new Supe at his party that he could bring under his wing. In comes Webweaver (a parody version of Spider-Man).

Unbeknownst to Tek Knight, the Webweaver that came to the party was Hughie Campbell, using the Supe's costume as his disguise. Little did they know that their paths were meant to cross that night.

tek knight sidekick
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Credit: Sony Pictures Television | Amazon Studios | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

Hughie needed to slip in and escape unscathed after planting bugs all over Tek's house. However, the night had different plans as Tek took Webweaver back into his 'Tek Cave.'

As it turned out, Tek had other ideas on how he wants to use his new 'sidekick.'

The so-called 'cave' he took Hughie to happens to be Tek's personal sex dungeon where he lives out his fantasy for some psychosexual torture on Webweaver (and Laddio, whom he chained in the dungeon).

At one point, even Vought's former boss Ashley joined the fun. Hughie essentially gets sexually assaulted after Tek uncovers the truth that he is not the Webweaver he was hoping for.

Thanks to Hughie miraculously holding out even after having his real identity discovered, Kimiko and Starlight eventually arrive at the scene and force Tek Knight's secrets out of his system.

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The Actual Reason Why Tek Knight Joined The Boys Season 4

Initially, fans were led to believe that Tek Knight joined The Boys season 4 to rain on Butcher's parade, with Tek allying with Vought and The Seven, specifically with Sister Sage.

However, Homelander and Sage were planning a larger operation behind the scenes.

Tek Knight was not only helping Sister Sage uncover the real mole among The Seven, but he was also lending his empire of prisons spread all over the United States.

As he unveiled to Starlight, Homelander, and Sage are looking for private places to imprison political dissidents, which pretty much tells fans what we can expect once The Boys season 4 episode 7 airs next week.

Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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