High School Musical Season 4: Original HSM Cast May Finally Make Their Way to the New Season

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Credit: DisneyMusicVEVO/YouTube Screenshot

The Wildcats will return to East High for their senior year in the upcoming High School Musical Season 4. As fans are about to see their fan-favorite characters, will the original HSM stars, like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, finally make their way to the series?

Lucas Grabeel, Kaycee Stroh, and Corbin Blew were already seen on the show. So, who among the OG HSM stars will appear next? According to creator Tim Federle, he has already handed out invitations to all of the series' original stars to make a High School Musical Season 4 cameo.

High School Musical Season 4 Original and Returning Cast

It looks like it's now possible for fans to see Efron and Hudgens in High School Musical Season 4 after they failed to appear in the third season despite the Instagram teasers.

"Now it's a matter of juggling and holding my breath and praying and lighting candles and seeing who wants to come play with us," Federle said, via People. "So I have high hopes, but I can tell you we've engaged a lot of people and it's gonna be a really exciting season."

For the returning cast, everyone who was seen in the finale would make their way to the new season. It would even include the latest additions Maddox (Saylor Bell), Jet (Adrian Lyles), and EJ (Matt Cornett).

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"If you love somebody in season 3, they'll probably be back," Federle continued. "But we're always sort of juggling the number of people whose stories we're telling."

Will Olivia Rodrigo Return to High School Musical Season 4

Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) decided to leave East High in the previous season. So, does it mean she will not be part of High School Musical Season 4?

Federle told Entertainment Weekly that the door would always be open for Rodrigo to return. In fact, he gave her credit for being a "massive element" to the show's success.

However, he admitted there were no words yet on her possible return.

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"Olivia knows the door is always open," he said. "But as you can imagine, we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to engage some OGs because of this big High School Musical 4 concept, so that's taking up a lot of very happy brain space now."

High School Musical Season 4 Plot

Meanwhile, talking about High School Musical Season 4 plot, Federle revealed the new season would "return to the original" roots.

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"[It's] the real return to why the show got greenlit in the first place, which is real theater kids singing at this iconic location, aka East High," he explained.

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