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The Resident Season 6: Will the Show Continue? Co-creator Likens Series to George Clooney’s ER

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The Resident co-creator Amy Holden Jones sees the series’ potential to become like the classic hit series ER and run for a number of seasons more. As The Resident Season 6 is about to come, there are assumptions it will be the end, but the show may continue further.

The Longevity of The Resident

Jones knows the future of the medical drama is out of her hands, but she’s confident that its “creative pulse” is strong.

“I consider it to be one of the biggest triumphs of The Resident that what we’re doing is showing people’s evolution — the lives of being doctors over time,” she told TVLine.

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She then cited the 1994 drama ER, led by George Clooney, and despite its 15 years on the air, it never got old.

“They changed characters, new doctors came in, ones we thought we couldn’t live without left, just as it’s happened to us,” she continued. “It reinvented over and over and over again and remained fresh. [The Resident] has that potential.”

The Resident’s Future Depends on Bosses and Business Decisions

Though Jones wants The Resident to continue as long as possible, she knows its continuation depends on TV executives and business decisions.

The show has been continuously renewed every year, but the Season 6 pickup came a little later than usual, making fans worried. The delay was reportedly because of the “behind-the-scenes negotiations.”

“The fate of the show is somewhat caught up in the fact that it’s owned by Disney but shown by Fox, which is not an ideal scenario,” she explained. “And that’s also tied up with the fate of the network drama, which, God only knows, at this point.”

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She then confirmed that the show’s ratings are stable, and they have a solid fan base that continuously supports the series.

So, she’s confident they will continuously grow if they have a chance.

“It has the potential to go on and on, but whether it’ll be given that shot, I don’t know,” she stated.

The Co-creator’s Wish for The Resident

The Resident has its fair share of highs and lows over its six seasons on the air, including the exit of Emily VanCamp in the previous season.

However, Jones believes its procedural elements make the show accessible to new viewers, though it’s now on its sixth season.

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“It’s my fondest hope that people will realize you can pick it up at any time,” she continued. “If you started the season and had never seen one before, you would have no trouble following and engaging and learning who they are. I hope it keeps going.”

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