Henry Cavill Says There's Still Hope for Him to Play Superman Again

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

It has been six years ever since Henry Cavill played the role of Superman in the movie Man of Steel. However, it seems like the actor is still enthusiastic to return as the hero in future projects. Having previously mentioned that he hasn't "given up on the role" yet, Cavill sheds hope in reprising his role despite a busy schedule.


In a recent interview with Radio Times, the actor revealed that regardless of what projects he'll be doing in a couple of years, he makes it clear that he can "fit two projects in one year."

Cavill is starring in the Netflix series titled The Witcher, which took around seven months to shoot. When asked whether or not there's still "hope" for the actor to reprise his role, he responded, "I mean, that's what it stands for, right?" Referencing the "S" symbol on the hero's outfit which is actually a symbol for hope.

In a previous interview, Cavill also mentioned that he would have liked to tell a story picking up from what "was left at that point," pertaining to Man of Steel. He didn't offer any details regarding a sequel though, but he thinks that it would be "awesome" for the idea to be incorporated.

It seems like we won't probably get to see Cavill play the beloved hero anytime soon. But in the meantime, you could look out for his show, The Witcher, which will be available to stream on Netflix on December 20.


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