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Henry Cavill Got Even With Millie Bobby Brown On Enola Holmes 2 As Drunk Sherlock

Millie Bobby Brown previously shared how different being friends with Enola Holmes co-star Henry Cavill was compared to her Stranger Things ‘siblings.’ To bring Cavill more into the light of what it’s like growing up with a sibling, she would occasionally prank the actor on set, and now, it seems that Henry Cavill managed to get even with her as ‘Drunk Sherlock’ in one scene.

It is no question that Henry and Millie like to make fun of each other a lot on set, in fact, Cavill reveals how he got even with his young co-star this time in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1. The actor continues to share how in one scene, Brown’s Enola had to ‘carry’ Cavill’s Sherlock, and while doing so, the actor admitted he leaned more than he should have, thus describing his ‘getting even’ with the co-star. You can watch his interview below:

“Millie and I make fun of one another a lot on set, and she’s owed some punishment for teasing me with the threat of Tiktok videos on Enola 1, and so, I definitely lent pretty heavily into Enola when I was being drunk Sherlock. There were certainly times where she was like, ‘There’s no way I could actually hold you up in real life,’ but it was a good time, it was good fun.”

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It’s certainly delightful to watch the two actors play along like siblings even behind the scenes. There is no doubt that the times they spent together developed their friendship more, as much as their characters in the Enola Holmes sequel did in exploring the dynamics between the two.

As for any confirmation on an Enola Holmes 3, there hasn’t been any updates, although both actors are interested in continuing to reprise their roles in Enola Holmes potentially becoming a franchise, eventually.

Meanwhile, Enola Holmes 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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