Hell’s Paradise: What Is the Tao Power System?

Hell’s Paradise: Tao Power System Explained
Credit: MAPPA

Hell’s Paradise: Tao Power System Explained
Credit: MAPPA

Hell’s Paradise, which is brimming with supernatural forces beyond mortal comparison, has a complex power system, much like its counterparts – Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man. So, let’s learn about the enigmatic and mysterious Tao power system in Hell's Paradise.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Hell’s Paradise manga.

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What Is Tao in Hell's Paradise?

Tao, in its most basic form, is the source of everything that exists, including living and non-living beings.

It circulates throughout the body and is created from the being’s tanden, which is placed just below the navel.

Any damage to the tanden will impact the being and weaken them. The main component of Tao is Yin-Yang, and it helps in the manifestation of Tao by the user.

When an individual manages to balance the spirit by following the Middle Way, Tao gets manifested.

Tao Power System in Hell's Paradise
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Credit: MAPPA

Spiritual and physical training are highly needed to aim at increasing the cycle of Yin-Yang.

However, there are instances where one can manifest Tao without even being fully aware of it.

Emotions, too, play a key role in the surge or reaction of Tao. Gabimaru’s Tao reaches new levels whenever he is thinking about his wife, Yui.

The sudden surge of love and affection helps Gabimaru to channel his Tao.

The Concept of Current in the Tao Power System

Hell's Paradise Gabimaru
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Credit: Yuji Kaku / Shueisha / Viz Media

The depiction of Tao is like a current flowing around an individual’s body. This is showcased as both tangible and physical.

The size and speed of the current is directly proportional to the strength of the being.

In Hell’s Paradise, the current is shown as a school of sharks circling around the individual.

A human being’s Tao current will be relatively smaller than a member of Lord Tensen's Tao current.

In the Hell's Paradise manga, Lord Tensen’s current includes massive sharks circling around his body, indicating how powerful his Tao is.

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The Elemental Attributes of Tao

Hell's Paradise Zhu Jin Tao Power System
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Credit: MAPPA

Each and every Tao has an attribute to one of the five elements namely, wood, earth, metal, fire, and water.

These five elements have a cycle of hindrance and restoration with one another.

The process of restoration and hindrance occurs when two beings make physical contact with each other.

The cycle of the attributes is as follows:

  • Fire: It restores Earth but hinders Metal.
  • Wood: It restores Fire but hinders Earth.
  • Metal: It restores Water but hinders Wood.
  • Water: It restores Wood but hinders Fire.
  • Earth: It restores Metal but hinders Water.

Now, let’s have a look at Sousei and Soukoku, which are connected to the attributes.

Sagiri and Gabimaru Tao Hell's Paradise
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Credit: Yuji Kaku / Shueisha / Viz Media

The restoration cycle in the Tao power system is called Sousei.

Through Sousei, one can restore and replenish an individual’s Tao. All they have to do is come into contact with someone with a favorable element.

Sousei can also be used to restore using weapons. With the help of traces of Tao left on a weapon, the restorer can boost their Tao-infused weapon through physical contact.

Gabimaru used this technique to improve the Earth Tao-imbued kunai of Yuzuriha.

The hindering cycle of Tao is called Soukoku. This cycle causes to drain and weaken a Tao through physical contact with some possessing an element that hinders it.

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Training Exercises to Improve Tao

Bochu Jutsu Hell's Paradise Tao
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Credit: MAPPA

Mastering Tao requires five training methods of immortality namely, Doin, Shu’itsu, Shuten, Taisoku, and Bochu Jutsu:

  • Doin: In this one has to train through physical exercise and improve the Tao circulation.
  • Shuten: This exercise involves training through pathways of the organs and body.
  • Shu’itsu: This particular exercise relies on meditation and training through stillness.
  • Taisoku: An exercise that involves user training using various breathing techniques.
  • Bochu Jutsu: Considered the most important exercise, it relies on training through sexual intimacy. This training requires a person of the opposite chi and by engaging in sexual intercourse, the chi’s of both Yin and Yang merge resulting in stronger Tao.

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What Are the Different Types of Tao in Hell’s Paradise?

Flower Tao regeneration Hell's Paradise
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Credit: MAPPA

There are essentially two types of Tao showcased in Hell’s Paradise:

Flower Tao

Flower Tao Hell's Paradise
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Credit: MAPPA

This Tao is derived from flowers and helps an individual gain immortality, regenerative abilities, and longevity.

Tensens and artificially created humanoids take great benefit from the Flower Tao as it helps them regenerate during a battle.

However, in the case of human beings, Flower Tao results in a reaction known as Arborification.

Post-arborification, flowers start to bloom from a human’s body and they enter a state of happy trance.

Meanwhile, regeneration looks like vines with flowers restoring the lost limbs.

Interestingly, humans who have Flower Tao go through a similar regenerative process.

However, they are left with vine marks that disappear as the wounded area heals.


Hell's Paradise Gabimaru
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Credit: MAPPA

The perfect fusion of two different Tao results in Hybridization.

This is only possible when a human attempts to acquire the powers of Flower Tao.

However, to achieve hybridization, humans must go through Arborification and defeat death. Having a strong will to survive is vital in order to attain hybridization.

Rien states that this kind of fusion happens rarely as a human emerging victorious after Arborification is nothing but a miracle.

Gabimaru is a fine example of a human achieving hybridization between the Flower Tao and his Tao.

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Usage of Tao

Tao Lightning Hell's Paradise
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Credit: MAPPA

After the awakening of Tao, the user has access to a sixth sense where they can sense other Tao present around them.

Sensing the Tao allows the user to gather all the details of the person’s attributes like height, weight, and gender.

As Tao is present in non-living things, users can ascertain obstacles around them.

In a battle, Tao comes handy in detecting the opponent’s moves and planning a counterattack accordingly.

Shion Hell's Paradise Tao Power System
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Credit: MAPPA

This is showcased in Shion’s battle against Mu Dan. Blind Shion manages to slice every one of Mu Dan’s stingers and only got a few scratches.

In another instance, Gabimaru is able to sense Gantetsusai’s weak spot which causes him to feel excruciating pain with just a simple kick.

Skilled Tao users can also suppress their Tao to conceal their presence from other users.

Yuzuriha has demonstrated this by maintaining a steady focus on the flow of the Tao by having a calm state of mind.

This technique is essential if the user is planning to carry out sneak attacks.

Tao also enhances a user’s combat techniques. Any kind of physical attacks or weapons fused with Tao is way more powerful than they would normally be without.

Shion and Sagiri note that Tao attacks cause more severe damage than normal attacks. Fatal damage can be inflicted even if no vital parts are attacked.

This power goes beyond close combat as Tao can be used to emit it from the bodies using hands.

Zhu Jin Tao Hell's Paradise
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Credit: MAPPA

It is an invisible attack that can emit by merely pointing a finger at the target. This is a sennin-level technique and is nearly impossible for a standard Tao user to execute.

A master Tao can use a powerful form of Tao and convert it into lightning. The Tao lightning can inflict some serious damage to the opponent’s body.

Gabimaru felt the powerful lightning Tao while fighting Zhu Jin. It was so intense that Gabimaru could not execute his Ninpo: Hiboshi.

Disadvantages of Tao

Tao Power System Hell's Paradise
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Credit: MAPPA

Using Tao can take a toll on the body of the user. Since Tao is the life force of the user, increased usage of it can wear down the body.

Moreover, incorrect use of Tao can even lead to the death of the user.

Tao is linked to the mind of the person, so it can lead to amnesia and the only way to heal is through Tao restoration.

The usage of this power requires an incredible level of focus, and any distraction can disrupt the flow, leading to tragic consequences.

Even talking is a notable disruption for a person’s Tao. Only people with high control over their minds can use Tao effectively.

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