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Heavenly Delusion’s Sex-Fueled Episode Shows Maru Is Exactly Like Denji

Heavenly Delusion Maru

There have been several questionable scenes in Heavenly Delusion so far, but this latest episode might just be the most NSFW. Heavenly Delusion Episode 6 has a sex-fueled story that shows how Maru is just like Chainsaw Man’s Denji.

While Maru’s funny moment in the episode was a highlight, the latest episode shows just how NSFW the other side of the story involving Tokio can be.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Heavenly Delusion anime in this article.

Maru Is Just Like Denji in the Latest Heavenly Delusion Episode

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For the most part, Maru is quite far from Denji’s personality. While they’re both teens that had seriously rough upbringings, Maru isn’t as crass and uncouth as Denji is.

This all changed in the latest Heavenly Delusion episode after Maru and Kiruko have an unfortunate run-in with a bear.

While Maru tried to kill the bear with his ability, it turns out that it doesn’t work on living beings.

Thus, the two get stuck in a pillar with nowhere else to go.

What makes things worse is that Kiruko drops their gun’s battery. Instead of going down to get it, Kiruko asks Maru to do it instead. In exchange, Kiruko will let Maru touch their boobs.

Much like how Denji reacted to Power’s similar proposal, Maru immediately sprung to action.

Thanks to this, Maru was able to retrieve the battery, which proved integral to them getting out of their sticky situation.

This was just the start though as the next scenes amp up the NSFW factor of the episode.

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Heavenly Delusion Episode 6 Is Seriously NSFW

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Upon returning to their hotel, Maru asks Kiruko for what he was promised.

After an uncomfortable tussle, as Maru tries to grab Kiruko’s boobs, they were spotted by the hotel’s caretaker, Totori.

Totori propositions Maru to have sex. In a panic, Maru realizes he can use his power on Totori.

Soon, Kiruko rushes in after hearing Maru’s schemes, though Maru is then shown in a questionable position atop Totori.

If that’s not enough, the episode’s ending shows Tokio and Kona, who are implied to have sex, unbeknownst to the caretakers in the facility. This scene also confirms that Tokio is a girl.

Given these NSFW developments, there are likely to be more questionable scenes in the next Heavenly Delusion episode which will be released next week.

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