Hawkeye Finale Reportedly Underwent Significant Changes

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the final episode of Hawkeye.

The final episode of Hawkeye finally aired and some fans were left underwhelmed mostly due to the seemingly anti-climactic fate of Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, who made his triumphant return in the MCU at the beginning of the episode. Given that there was hype and excitement leading up to his comeback, some fans were baffled that the character seemingly has his MCU appearance cut short given how the episode ended.

However, even though Maya Lopez seemingly shot Kingpin, we didn't get the see the on-screen result of it since the camera panned upwards during the moment. There is a huge chance that Kingpin didn't die, but has a major injury in his face which we might see in his future appearance. After all, Kingpin's fate would align with what happened in the comics where he survived being shot by Maya. Considering that Daredevil is back and Maya will have her spin-off series soon, Kingpin should remain a major player in the MCU despite his fate given his importance to the characters in the comics.

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According to Cosmic Circus, they heard that the final episode of Hawkeye underwent significant changes. The most notable part that they mentioned is that Kingpin was added to the final battle during reshoots including the scene where Eleanor Bishop hit him with a car.


They also learned that a post-credits scene was filmed where Clint sent Kingpin the Ronin sword along with a warning to stay away from Kate and his family. Of course, it didn't make the cut and, instead, they used the post-credits scene spot by showing the entire "Save the City" performance from Rogers: The Musical.

Either way, it is a strong indication that D'Onofrio will be returning as Kingpin in the future and we haven't seen the last of him despite his fate in the final episode. Perhaps Marvel decided to make his fate a cliffhanger to possibly set up the events of the Echo series. As the report indicated, Kingpin might "return with a vengeance" when we see him again given what Maya has done to him. Let's just see what plans do they have in store for him in the future of the MCU.

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All episodes of Hawkeye are currently streaming on Disney+.