Hawkeye Finale Finally Reveals the Owner of the Watch! Does This Mean that [SPOILERS] Used to be a SHIELD Agent?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Of all the items in the auction in the first episode of Hawkeye, it is a Rolex watch retrieved from the Avengers compound that the Tracksuit mafia was most interested on. It has been a mystery to whom that belongs to and finally, in the finale, it is revealed who the owner is and such posed a bigger question, does that mean Laura Barton used to be a SHIELD agent? Is there where Clint met her?


Hawkeye Finale Finally Reveals the Owner of the Watch! Does This Mean that Laura Barton Used to be a SHIELD Agent?

In the first episode of Hawkeye, the Rolex watch was targeted by the Tracksuit mafia and it has a hefty amount on it in the black market auction. It was one of the things that were retrieved from the rubbles of the Avengers compound after the events of Endgame and surprisingly, it turned up in such an event as well as other items like the Ronin sword and costume.

In the fourth episode, the watch was mentioned once more. It turns out Laura Barton knows about the watch that the Tracksuit mafia was about to take from the black market auction, that was unaccounted for by Clint and yet, she knows of it, even sending him the location of it.

Surprisingly, Laura seems to know so much of Clint’s work considering that much of it used to be classified or something like that, still, the wife knows so much, she is a surprise to pretty much everyone.


Well, after the finale of Hawkeye, it seems that it has been revealed why she knows so much – the watch belongs to her. At the back of it is the SHIELD logo, hinting that she used to be affiliated with the organization, possibly the same place where they met and fell in love. Such a watch holds the prints of its owner. The reason why Clint was so persistent in having it is that it holds information on Laura, possibly breaking the housewife facade she has been wearing all these years.

In the first appearances of Linda Cardellini’s Laura Barton, she is just a wife and mother of three living in a farmhouse but in this episode of Hawkeye, she speaks different languages such as German, tracks transmitters on the watch, and immediately has access to intel that Clint gave in a short notice.

Rumors spread that she might be Mockingbird, the wife of Hawkeye in the comics and while she is not Barbara “Bobbie” Morse like Adrienne Palicki’s character in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., she might be the MCU version of it.

Is Laura Barton the Mockingbird?


Hawkeye Finale is now streaming on Disney Plus.