Hawkeye Episode 1 Ending Explained

Finally, the first solo outing of Clint Barton is here and Hawkeye does not disappoint. While it seems to be more of an introduction of who Kate Bishop is, there is more to the character of Jeremy Renner than what meets the eye. He is more than just an Avenger. The canon series showed that exactly and Episode 1 was a blast. Here is the ending of the first run of the show.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Hawkeye Episode 1 Ending Explained

Hawkeye Episode 1 Ending Explained
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Hawkeye Episode 1 Ending Explained

In just an episode, a lot already happened and it showed how Clint Barton is finally enjoying the holidays with his kids and they even went to see Rogers: The Musical where surprisingly, Ant-Man was in the play when in the real event, he wasn’t even there at all. Of course, Clint would have memories of Natasha flashing back and it turns out, he now has a hearing aid.

Meanwhile, Kate Bishop seems to be a troublemaker personified that a bell tower was torn down because of her. Her life seems pretty good and while it looks like a mess, needless to say, she has quite a history. Her mom is marrying someone she doesn’t approve of and it wasn’t until the engagement party when she found out about it. If that isn’t messed up, there’s more.

It was finally revealed how Kate Bishop got the Ronin suit and it was all an accident, an attempt to mask herself off of the prying eyes of her mother’s fiancé while she tries to save the day against the Tracksuit Mafia, who, as their namesake, wears red tracksuits. Also, the pizza dog got his own moments as well.

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By the end of the episode, Kate Bishop wanted to see what Armand the third was up to but unfortunately, upon arriving at the place, she saw him lying on the ground, drenched in his own blood and before she knew what he is up to, he turns out to be dead.

Upon making her escape, Kate Bishop got another encounter with the Tracksuit Mafia but this time, since she made it to the news that her masked vigilante scheme, the real Ronin who made enemies, Clint Barton.

Hawkeye is out to stream on Disney Plus now.

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