Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Confirms Major Suletta Fan Theory

Witch from Mercury Suletta Clone

Witch from Mercury Suletta Clone

Even dating back to the first season, there were already many theories about Suletta Mercury’s origins. Finally, Gundam: The Witch from Mercury confirmed the popular Suletta clone fan theory.

This theory was confirmed in the show’s 18th episode, and in Episode 19, Suletta is shown grappling with the major reveal.

Plus, the latest episode also sheds more light on Prospera and the Space Assembly League.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Gundam: The Witch from Mercury in this article.

The Suletta Clone Theory Is Confirmed by Eri

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At the start of Gundam: Witch from Mercury, it was implied that Suletta Mercury was Eri, the daughter of Elnora aka Prospera who was shown in the prologue. Soon though, there have been hints that Suletta might be a clone.

For instance, Suletta is shown to pilot Aerial without any issues. This is practically impossible for any normal pilot. This, along with details about the GUND-BITs, helped solidify the theory.

In Episode 18, Suletta finally discovers that she was one of many repli-children who were cloned from Eri Samaya. These other clones served as Aerial’s GUND-BITs.

Previously, Suletta was needed to pilot Aerial. But now that Aerial has reached a Permet score of 8, Eri reveals to Suletta that she can finally control Aerial by herself. This means Suletta is now free.

Of course, Suletta does not take this well, as it seems to her that everyone close to her has abandoned her.

Thankfully, her friends at Earth House are doing their best to help her feel better.

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The Witch from Mercury: Prospera’s Goal and the Space Assembly League

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Sadly, that’s not the case for Miorine though. In the latest episode, Miorine is shown going to Earth to help quell riots that were happening in response to the Benerit Group’s actions after the Plant Quetta incident.

While Miorine was successful, Prospera is then shown acting on her own and destroying a secret Gundam factory. It turns out that this factory was being run by the Space Assembly League.

Not much has been revealed about the League yet, but this organization is believed to be the main governing body of the Spacians, and it seems that they are helping the Dawn of the Fold on Earth to suppress the Benerit Group.

What’s happening right now in The Witch from Mercury is quite complex, and it’ll be interesting to see how characters that are caught in the power struggle such as Miorine, Suletta, and Guel react to these developments.

The Witch from Mercury's story will continue in Episode 20, which will be released on June 4.

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