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GOT7 Jinyoung Hilariously Talks About Boy Group's Co-Members Styles

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

GOT7 Jinyoung has a lot of memories to recall a decade after he began his career in the TV and music industry.

Jinyoung first debuted as the one half of the duo, JJ Project, in May 2012. He and JB (now Jay B) re-debuted in the 7-member boy group, GOT7.

They surprised everyone after members decided not to renew their contracts to sign with other companies. But they still chose to promote as a whole group and recently released their new self-titled EP.

With the things he went through with the group, Jinyoung took his time to recall the memories he has with the members and hilariously pointed out their past styles.

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GOT7 Jinyoung Pokes Fun at Members’ Past Hairstyles

In an interview with GQ Korea after a photo shoot, Jinyoung shared his thoughts about his life and career.

The idol-turned-actor said he never once regretted anything in his life. Instead of feeling down, he looks at the bright side and improves himself to do even better.

The interviewer complimented him for his mindset and asked if he ever had what-if scenarios instead. He, once again, said that he has not had such thoughts.

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But he disclosed that he actually thinks that GOT7’s styling choices made him think about the things he could do if he could turn back time.

“There’s something [GOT7] jokes about. ‘We shouldn’t have done that hair or that styling for that album,’ ‘Failure is the mother of success, but there’s no need to fail.’ It’s not that I try not to fail. We just had to try something new and pretty, but we just tried something new,” he said.

Despite the hilarious memory, Jinyoung divulged that they lived their lives the way they want to by following the actual trends.

GOT7 Jinyoung Almost Left the Industry

Although he enjoys fruitful careers in different industries, Jinyoung admitted that he once considered leaving his life as an idol and actor.

“I’m only 29 [by Korean reckoning] so do I have to only be a singer and actor for the rest of my life? I just meant that I’ve had those kind of thoughts before when I was going through a tough time,” he said.

He did not mention what job he would like to have if he did not pursue his idol and actor life, but fans are happy that Jinyoung chose to stay in the past years.


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