fromis_9 Faces Tragic Accident; Leaves 5 Members Injured

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

fromis_9 canceled its scheduled comeback showcase due to a recent accident.

fromis_9 and its fans had been waiting for a full group comeback since its Midnight Guest project in January. After a long wait, its agency confirmed its summer comeback with Baek Ji Heon on board again.

But a car accident recently injured five of its members, causing the group and the agency to halt their schedule.

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fromis_9 Accident Update: 5 Members Reportedly Injured

Pledis Entertainment, according to Soompi, revealed that five members of the girl group sustained injuries a day after the car accident on June 25.

It disclosed that the members and other passengers sustained minor injuries. The five members who were injured included Baek Jiheon, Lee Chaeyoung, Park Jiwon, Song Hayoung, and Lee Seoyeon.

However, the doctors advised them to cancel their schedules and monitor their status in the next few days while receiving treatment from the medical facilities.

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“Doctors also provided opinions that the members’ physical condition should be attentively monitored and they should refrain from increasing the number of activities more than necessary for the next few days,” the status said.

With that, fromis_9 would not proceed with its scheduled comeback stage on June 27. Still, the release of its new mini-album from our Memento Box would happen on June 27 at 6:00 p.m. KST.

In the end, the company reminded fans that their schedule would depend on the members’ recovery. It also assured that it would put their health as a top priority.

fromis_9 Received Good News

Amid the bad news, the girl group received some good news after breaking its record for stock pre-orders of their recent comeback album.

YG PLUS, the album distributor, said that from our Memento Box saw 160,000 pre-orders. Per Naver, it became the group’s highest number of stock pre-orders to date since their debut.

It only took them two weeks to achieve the figure, beating the number of orders its Midnight Guest made.

Fans can surely more of them once they come back after their recovery period.

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