Golden Child TAG Health Update: K-pop Idol Confirms Partial Return After Scary Diagnosis

Credit: SBS KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SBS KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Golden Child TAG will be part of the boy group’s activities again little by little.

TAG made fans worry about his hospitalization ahead of their US tour, Golden Child Meet & Live Tour in the USA. He was even bombarded with worrying rumors about his health, with some saying that he was in a critical condition.

The Woollim Entertainment artist decided to promote as an eight-member group. After a long wait, TAG will reportedly join them again.

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Golden Child TAG To Promote With Group Again

On June 27, Woollim Entertainment released a statement obtained by Naver, addressing TAG’s return. According to the agency, the K-pop idol would rejoin the group in future activities.

However, he will not appear with them in its activities overseas, including the ongoing US tour.

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The company thanked everyone who showed their concerns toward TAG and waited until his return. It then assured that his health status improved after continued examinations and treatments.

“Due to both his doctor’s opinion that he is able to promote and TAG’s personal desire to resume his activities, he plans to return to promoting with Golden Child,” it said. “We ask that you give lots of love and support to Golden Child’s TAG, who will be greeting you again in cheerful spirits.”

What Happened to TAG?

TAG’s return came a month after Gookmin Ilbo claimed that the idol was in critical condition due to acute liver failure. He was admitted to a university hospital in Gangnam on May 19 and stayed in its intensive care unit.

It was assumed that he needed to undergo a liver transplant, but Woollim Entertainment dismissed the claims and said that his condition was not critical at that time. Still, his health status worsened.

“TAG is not in critical condition at all right now. However, his health took a turn for the worse, and he went to the hospital this morning and took a number of different kinds of tests. He's currently waiting for the results,” the agency said, per SPOTV.

TAG sparked concerns as he visited a medical facility regularly before his admission.

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