GOT7 Jackson Wang Opens Up About Growing as an Artist in the Past Years

Credit: JACKSON WANG/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JACKSON WANG/YouTube Screenshot

GOT7 Jackson became the best version of himself in the past years.

As the son of two athletes, fencer Wang Ruiji and gymnast Sophia Chow, he grew up to become a great fencer who won several awards in different championships. But his talent and visuals made him become the man he is now.

After he was cast by a representative from JYP, he continuously rose to fame as a member of GOT7 and a soloist.

Only a few years before marking the 10th year of his career, Jackson opened up about the life lessons he learned so far.

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GOT7 Jackson Shares Life Lessons He Garnered So Far

Singles Magazine (via Herald Pop) recently tapped Jackson Wang to grace its pages and cover of the August issue.

After the pictorial, the Girls Girls Girls hitmaker sat down for an interview and shared the insights he gained through the life lessons he got.

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According to Jackson, he used to work hard and urge himself to do a good job at all times. But after realizing that music is art, he takes time to understand it and do everything with his heart.

“Now, I know that music is also art, and therefore I need to sincerely feel it and understand it. I have to enjoy it, and I have to trust myself. When I think back to when I became an artist, I realize that the fact that I love my work and that I don’t think of it as work hasn’t changed,” he said.

Aside from being an idol, Jackson expanded his empire and became a record producer, fashion designer, and music video director. In fact, he also serves as the founder of the record label, Team Wang.

Jackson Has Some Realizations

The K-pop idol also took his time to open up about the realizations he has in life.

Among those, learning that he cannot have everything helped him feel happy about what he has instead. For him, seeing how he gets closer to his goal every day is already happiness to him.

At the end of the interview, Jackson shared that he is currently at the point of his life where he gives his best at what he desires and feels happy throughout the process.

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