Apink Chorong, Bomi Share Important Advice to Younger K-pop Idols Following CHOBOM Debut

Credit: Apink/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Apink/YouTube Screenshot

Apink members Chorong and Bomi have shared the greatest advice ever as senior K-pop stars.

In 2011, Apink first conquered the stage with the songs from its Seven Springs of Apink EP. Originally a seven-member group, it is now down to five after Hong Yoo Kyung and Son Na Eun left in 2013 and 2022, respectively.

Despite losing its members, the K-pop group has another way of expanding its empire — by debuting a subunit.

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Chorong, Bomi Give Younger Idols an Advice

Last month, Apink marked the official debut of its unit, CHOBOM. The duo — consisting of Chorong and Bomi — released its first single album, Copycat.

They recently graced the August issue of Elle and revealed what it feels like to continue performing after 11 years. As Chorong and Bomi continue to share their musical talent, they share an advice to idols who want to have lasting relationships with their co-members.

“You should say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ to each other often,” Chorong said, with Bomi adding, “It is also important to respect each other’s own time. There will be members who have independent tendencies.”

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Chorong and Bomi made themselves an example by showing their love for each other during the interview.

According to Bomi, she shares the weight with Chorong since they are the eldest members of the group. By being helpful, they manage to get through a hard time.

Meanwhile, Chorong revealed that Bomi always gives her books and writes her letters to make her feel happier during rough times.

Chorong, Bomi Open Up About Their Love For Dogs

The August issue of Elle is about pets, and both Chorong and Bomi are known for fostering dogs and volunteering at animal shelters.

Per Bomi, it saddened her when she learned that it is difficult for old or sick dogs to get adopted. In fact, she wants to become more famous to raise awareness about it.

As for the extreme dog breeding, Chorong reminded everyone of the cons of the process as it makes the animals suffer from disabilities.

“Short noses make it difficult to breathe, and a luxating patella is hereditary. Once you know that, you can’t just look at them and think they’re cute,” she went on.

Fans will learn more about Chorong and Bomi’s love for animals in the August issue of the magazine.

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