Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel Will Reportedly Begin Filming This Year

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Last year, Godzilla vs. Kong premiered in theaters and on HBO Max to a triumphant success. It had a very impressive box office performance as it outgrossed Godzilla: King of the Monsters and it brought a lot of people back to movie theaters. Its success prompted Legendary Pictures to develop a follow-up film with Adam Wingard returning to direct. Now, it looks like we have an idea now on when they are going to begin production to the next installment in the MonsterVerse.

Variety has reported that the untitled Godzilla vs. Kong sequel is set to begin production in Australia later this year. It is expected to film at Gold Coast and other locations in Southeast Queensland. It will be the third MonsterVerse title to film in the area as both Godzilla vs. Kong and Kong: Skull Island were also shot there a few years ago. The sequel will receive US$11.8 million via Australia’s Location Incentive Program and is expected to generate more than US$88 million into the economy and employ hundreds of people.

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There are no exact details yet whether it will feature both Godzilla and Kong again or will have a different story in the upcoming sequel except that Wingard will be returning to helm it. There have been rumors that they are exploring Son of Kong as the potential plot of the next film although none of them have been confirmed yet. It is also unknown if there will be returning cast members from the previous films.

It is awesome to hear that we are now getting closer to seeing the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel come into reality as it shows that Legendary Pictures is really working hard on making the next entry in the MonsterVerse franchise. While the details are still under wraps, we should be hearing more details in the next few months as they are heading closer to the production date.

It's hard to speculate right now about what kind of story they are going to tell next given that they already gave us the epic Godzilla vs. Kong battle that we thought was already the biggest one they've done. Whether the two will face off again or become friends or will have their own separate lives next, at least we will get another chapter in the MonsterVerse which will definitely include another epic monster fight.

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There's no release date set yet for the untitled sequel, but you can stream Godzilla vs. Kong right now on HBO Max.


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