Godzilla vs. Kong Makes the Biggest Box Office Records in the Pandemic Era

The pandemic has shut down many industries including Hollywood. This is why most of the movies coming out only provided measly returns. However, Warner Bros.' Godzilla vs. Kong was able to rise above the challenges, opening with the biggest single-day gross at the domestic box office, ever since COVID-19 began.

This makes Godzilla vs. Kong having a strong opening at the domestic box office. The Hollywood Reporter reported that the latest movie in the Monsterverse franchise grossed $9.6 million in North America. These numbers are the biggest single-day return at the domestic box office ever since the pandemic interrupted the movie industry. This means that Godzilla vs. Kong is set to exceed box office expectations. It may gross around $30- $40 million in its five-day debut in the US and Canada.

Godzilla vs. Kong was released in over 3,000 theaters in North America. This has broken the pandemic-era record which was previously set by another WB movie, Tenet, in 2,810 locations. Nonetheless, while more than 90 percent of US theaters are operating, most of them have limited capacity.

Some of the Los Angeles theaters only have 25 percent capacity. Before the film's domestic launch, Godzilla vs. Kong also had the biggest pandemic era in the international box office debut, garnering $123.1 million, with $69.2 million coming from China. Part of the total came from $12.4 million from 891 IMAX theaters in 40 markets. This again makes the film the largest IMAX opening weekend gross since December 2019.

Godzilla vs. Kong
are currently streaming on HBO Max and available in theaters.

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