Glee Reboot: Ryan Murphy Hints at Possible Show Revival

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

Ryan Murphy talked about the possible Glee reboot on And That’s What You REALLY Missed podcast with former stars of the show, Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale. By the looks of it, there’s a possibility that fans will see the series’ return.

Murphy is known today for his horror and thriller shows, like American Horry Story, Dahmer, and The Watcher. Though Glee is far from the series he has been doing as of late, he’s still open to doing a Glee reboot.

The Possibility of Doing Glee Reboot

The musical series wrapped in 2015 after six seasons. But since then, questions about its possible continuation have been rampant.

Even Fox Entertainment President Michael Thron said Glee is one of the shows he would love revived when asked about it in 2021.

However, cast member Jane Lynch believed the story would be hard to do today compared to then. So what could Murphy say about it?

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Despite the several projects he’s doing today on FX and Netflix, he revealed he still thinks of Glee and its possible revival.

“I’m at the phase now with that show, you know, where it’s like, well, there’s been enough time. Like, maybe we should really re-examine it as a brand. You know, should we do a reboot of it in some way? Should we do a Broadway musical of it in some way?” he said on the podcast. “Like, it’s sort of like an interesting legacy that I’m interested in doing in a positive way after sort of pausing for a while. But I don’t know. I just love what it says and what it did. And there will never be in my life another Glee, anything close to it, in terms of me, feeling so close to it.”

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Murphy co-crated Glee with Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan.

Addressing Glee’s Issues

Aside from the possible reboot, Murphy also addressed how the show had “poorly aged in some ways.”

He even told McHale and Ushkowitz to do a segment where they could call out and discuss the show’s flaws.

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If the Glee reboot happens, ScreenRant noted that it had to expand beyond the three creators to bring in other voices to make it more inclusive. It also has to represent different perspectives.

But if the revival happens to be a Broadway show, it can retell the first season’s acclaimed arc.

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