Girls Planet 999 Unfair? Korean Staff's Treatment To Chinese Contestants Disclosed

Credit: M-net Kpop

Credit: M-net Kpop

Girls Planet 999 received an accusation from one of its Chinese contestants about the Korean staff reportedly treating them differently.

Ninety-nine female trainees on Girls Planet 999 will have their future determined next week. Media outlets revealed that Mnet's girl group survival series would introduce the nine contestants chosen by global and would be hailed as the show's winners.

But only a few days before the finale, one of the Chinese contestants shared the harsh truth behind the cameras.

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Girls Planet 999 Staff Treat Chinese Contestant Badly

Girls Planet 999 Unfair? Korean Staff's Treatment To Chinese Contestants Disclosed
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Before the show ended, internet users accused the show of manipulating the votes so more Korean contestants would make it to the final girl group.

On top of that, a Chinese contestant held a live broadcast where she revealed how badly the Korean staff is treating her and other girls from China.

A Twitter user retweeted a screenshot of the broadcast where the contestant revealed how the Chinese girls always come together and cry over the treatment they are receiving. There was also reportedly a time where she already had enough but still apologized afterward.

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Only two Korean staff are reportedly nice to the group.

The concerned viewer said, "There were many times where the C group girls would get together and just cry, but luckily all of their friendship is really strong and they helped each other. She said they can all take th+."

Some internet users who replied to the thread alleged that the staff wanted more Korean trainees on the final line-up to get rid of Chinese trainees. Meanwhile, another user assumed that it might be why ZiYin left, and her exit was not really about her health.

People's Top Choices On Girls Planet 999 Are Mostly Non-Koreans

Girls Planet 999 Unfair? Korean Staff's Treatment To Chinese Contestants Disclosed
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Before the emergence of the revelation, viewers already shared the potential rankings of the trainees on the show. Surprisingly, most of the contestants on the list are from China and Japan.

A Chinese citizen shared his list online, and Girls Planet 999 fans agreed that the contestants who made it on his list truly have potentials.

The contestants who could make it to the finals are Shen Xiaoting, Kim Da Yeon, Choi Yujin, Kawaguchi Yurina, Sakamoto Mashiro, Su Ruiqi, Kang Ye Seo, Kim Chae Hyun, Ezaki Hikaru, and Nonaka Shana.

Meanwhile, the remaining eight trainees who might join the finale are Fu Yaning, Seo Young Eun, Kim Su Yeon, Huening Bahiyyih, Kishida Ririka, Huang Xingqiao, Chen Hsingwei, and Ikeda Ruan.

The guess should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it is noticeable how people's bets are primarily Chinese and Japanese, and not having the people's top bets on the final screen soon might result in a huge tumult online.

Mnet has not responded to the claims nor address the alleged issues yet. But fans remain hopeful that the company will stay fair and square until the finals.

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