Girls' Generation Tiffany Wants to Show Women Empowerment + Shares How She Worked Hard in Reborn Rich

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Girls' Generation Tiffany Young looks lovely in her recent photo shoot with the concept of "Eternal Girl."

Rumor has it that the legendary girl group member has finished her new song work schedule in the U.S. for a month and took a photo shoot despite his busy schedule, leading the atmosphere of the scene with a skillful pose.

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Tiffany Young Recalls Her Role in Reborn Rich

In an interview that followed after filming the photos, Tiffany expressed her feelings about successfully completing her acting debut as Rachel in the Kdrama Reborn Rich.

"I watched Reborn Rich on time right after a new episode is up," the singer-songwriter shared. She also said that she worked hard for the project, even having the script with her anywhere she goes.

"I watch the series with the script with me. I monitor the drama and analyze the script, too."

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Tiffany Young Celebrated 15 Years with Girls' Generation

Having debuted as a member of the legendary girl group in 2007, Tiffany has celebrated the 15th anniversary of Girls' Generation last year.

"Celebrating the 15th year was fun. It wasn't just for us members, and the fans were our top priority, so we really did our best. I was very proud that there were many junior artists around me who supported me," she said, referring to last year's busy activities.

When asked if there are any things she still wants to achieve for her career, the "Born Again" singer said, "Now I want to fulfill my dream with my cherished people in my own way. We're going to show you a work that shows that past time is never wasted. I really want to complete a full album this year and go on a tour."

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Tiffany Young Wishes the Best for Younger Kpop Artists

Meanwhile, when asked what advice she is giving to the younger generation of Kpop artists, "You have to be a good person to be a good artist."

She also pointed out the importance of understanding your feelings very well and how to communicate with your members.

Lastly, when asked what kind of stories she wants to talk about as an influential woman in her 30s, she said, "As time went by, there is no space to rely on, praise, and raise each other as much as Girls' Generation. I want to show Women Empowerment through us, and I want to show action to protect it."

Tiffany also cheered for her juniors and wished nothing but the best and success for all of them. "If you're confident and sincere with yourself, I think it's necessary to express yourself with confidence."

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Currently, Tiffany is appearing on the idol survival program Peak Time as one of the respectable judges.

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