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Girls' Generation Members To Grace The Amazing Saturday Studio + SHINee Key Dances To I Got A Boy

Credit: GIRLS' GENERATION/YouTube Screenshot

The second episode of the summer special of tvN’s Amazing Saturday will have all eight members of Girls’ Generation as guests.

Scheduled to air on August 6, 2022 at 7:30 PM KST, a joyful teaser features an early glimpse featuring all of the members, including the group’s leader and one of Amazing Saturday’s fixed cast Taeyeon.

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Girls’ Generation Adds Elegance To The Amazing Saturday Studio

The show's main host, Boom, explains that with all eight members arriving in the studio, they had to make major changes. The set had huge adjustments, and the staff really made room for all eight members to enjoy their time with the Amazing Saturday cast.

YoonA then mentions how she always wanted to visit Amazing Saturday as a guest and expressed her excitement with her first-ever dictation board experience.

Boom also declares that because it is a special episode, with all members of Girls’ Generation present, the cast members and the guests will compete as a team in the dictation challenge. This heightened the girls' competitiveness and the Amazing Saturday cast’s teamwork.

In particular, the Girls’ Generation members worry that the opposing team will cheat, revealing everyone’s competitive nature.

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Amazing Saturday Unites Girls’ Generation And The Regular Cast On A Special Snack Games

The preview for next week’s episode of Amazing Saturday also sees Taeyeon trying her best to stop YoonA from letting go of herself during the snack time games.

The Nation’s Center seems to have so much fun as she lets go of her elegance and moves forward every time Boom announces the question.

All the Girls’ Generation members also reveal their inner entertainer sides and participate in the performance segment of the games.

Specifically, Sooyoung goes all out during the games, which drives her to chase Boom around the set while jokingly threatening him.

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SHINee Key Joins Center Stage With Girls’ Generation

As always, SHINee Key takes all the opportunity to dance to 2nd generation Kpop songs. When the members of Girls’ Generation went centre stage to dance to “I Got A Boy,” he also joined them, and it was an amusing scene as the boy group member flawlessly knows the whole choreography of the song.

The preview for next week’s Amazing Saturday summer special episode ends with all the Girls’ Generation members putting their trust in their leader, Taeyeon.

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Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is scheduled to have a marvellous comeback after almost five years with the seventh Korean studio album Forever 1. The album will be released digitally on August 5 and physically on August 8.

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