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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 Recap: Kang Tae Oh Defends His Relationship With Park Eun Bin + Hanbada Lawyers Work On A Sensitive Case

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo has received impressive viewers' feedback since it aired on June 29, 2022. Spearheaded by The King’s Affection actress Park Eunbin, the ENA Kdrama tells the story of a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder who starts working at a popular law firm.

The ongoing Kdrama also stars Kang Tae Oh, Kang Kiyoung, Joo Hyun Young, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Joo Jong Hyuk.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 received a nationwide viewership rating of XX.

Here is an Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 recap and everything you need to know about the ongoing Kdrama.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 Recap

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 sees Youngwoo witnessing an illegal arrest inside the train while she was returning home from work. The next morning, she gets assigned a case involving the same young man.

It turns out that he is accused of taking advantage of a woman with a disability. However, he defends himself by saying that it was consensual, and they both love each other sincerely.

Despite Attorney Jung disagreeing to continue handling the case, Youngwoo wants to believe that the young man and the victim have genuine feelings for each other and that everything is just a misunderstanding.

Youngwoo takes in the case with Suyeon. They discovered that Yang Jeongil was involved in a similar case the previous year and was pardoned when he settled with the victim and her family.

This complicated the case and had Youngwoo wonder whether Yang Jeongil is telling the truth. It also sparked confusion with Youngwoo and how people with disabilities like her identify extreme emotions such as love.

On the other hand, Youngwoo found a way to continue defending Yang Jeongil and prove that what happened between him and Shin Hyeyoung was a mutual decision.

Youngwoo got Shin Hyeyoung to testify in court. Although their first conversation clarified that Hyeyoung’s mother had forced her to write the statement, Hyeyoung panicked while being officially questioned in front of the judge.

It was a critical factor that affected the final verdict. Yang Jeongil was sentenced to two years imprisonment and a 40-hour sex offender treatment program.

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Park Eun Bin Moves Forward With Her Relationship With Kang Tae Oh In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 also highlights Youngwoo and Junho agreeing to get to know each other more through dates.

However, Junho’s peers see his relationship with Youngwoo as an inconvenience and try to advise him that it is not a good idea. Junho was offended by his friends’ remarks, leading to a fist fight.

Youngwoo also learned that liking someone like her would not be easy, but Junho was sure that he wanted to take a risk and that his feelings towards her were sincere.

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Jin Kyung Suggests To Send Park Eun Bin Abroad In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10

As Attorney Kwon Minwoo continues to pry into Youngwoo’s life, he receives intel that she might be Tae Sumi’s daughter.

All his speculations seem to make sense, especially when he saw Youngwoo and Tae Sumi having a serious conversation during a site visit for a previous case.

On the other hand, Tae Sumi visits Youngwoo’s father unannounced. She begins knocking sense over Gwangho, telling him Youngwoo’s life will be better if she works at Taesan Law Firm’s Boston office.

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