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Ghost Doctor Finale Sets New Best Personal Record

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Ghost Doctor showed how Korean medical dramas vary despite focusing on a health-based story.

The rise of K-drama demand also saw an increase in the production of medical dramas. K-drama fans notably crave seeing series that feature hospitals, doctors, medical staff, disease outbreaks, and more health-related themes.

Although the Korean TV and film industries already released a handful of dramas based on the medical industry, they are still able to provide a unique plotline that stirs people’s minds even more.

For instance, Rain and Kim Bum’s Ghost Doctor follows the same genre of medical and romance, and its massive difference from other dramas makes it binge-worthy. The series tells the story of Cha Young Min, whose spirit possesses another doctor’s body despite having completely dissimilar traits, personalities, and medical abilities.

After 16 episodes, the tvN hit series ended its stint with a commendable last episode.

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Ghost Doctor Sets New Record

On Tuesday, Nielsen Korea released the official report regarding Ghost Doctor’s viewership ratings.

As quoted by several Korean news outlets, including STOO ASIAE, the Korean series recorded average nationwide ratings of 7.953 percent in its final episode. The figure became the new personal best for the drama after running 16 episodes for two months.

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The number is a percent higher than what episode 8 recorded, which is 6.597 percent.

Aside from having the new best personal record, it also left a great impression since Ghost Doctor’s episode 9 ranked first nationwide and in Seoul on January 31 despite being the lowest ratings of the series.

Rain Officially Returned With Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor’s record helped its cast members to take over the spotlight, especially Rain.

After two years of being away as an actor, Rain came back in the medical drama and played the role of Cha Young-Min. It served as his first TV drama after the ending of Welcome 2 Life in 2019.

Before starring in Ghost Doctor, he famously spearheaded more K-drama series, including Full House in 2004 and A Love To Kill in 2005. Rain’s popularity reached Hollywood, as well, that he raised the South Korean flag in James McTeigue’s action flick, Ninja Assassin, in 2009.

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