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Gangnam Zombie Spoilers And Updates: T-Ara Jiyeon And Ji Il Joo Face A Deathly Crisis In New Posters

Credit: 티바이러스 영화예고편/YouTube Screenshot

After Train to Busan dominated almost the whole world with its release in 2016, Gangnam Zombie is another zombie-related Korean film that will try to win the hearts of viewers. Spearheaded by T-Ara Park Jiyeon and Ji Il Joo, Gangnam Zombie features people struggling desperately in extreme situations while being trapped by zombies surrounding the city.

The zombie-infested city of Gangnam is the setting for the unveiling of two character posters for the upcoming film. Gangnam, which has become the epicenter of mayhem as people with unknown symptoms appear to be rabid, is the setting for the comic zombie action film. Gangnam Zombie tells the story of the challenges faced by those who risk their lives to survive in the city.

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T-Ara Jiyeon And Ji Il Joo Lead The New Korean Film Gangnam Zombie

T-Ara Jiyeon and Ji Il Joo will play vital roles in depicting a perilous and life-threatening fight to escape from a skyscraper that is surrounded by zombies that have occupied the central portion of Seoul.

Specifically, Ji Il Joo will portray the character of Hyunseok, a veteran of the standing army who is unable to tolerate injustice and has always dreamed of being a promising Taekwondo player for the national team. His performance heralds enormous passion and action.

Park Jiyeon tries to make a new change while playing Minjung, a brave character who risks her life to stay alive among zombies. As a result of this tandem, huge expectations have been raised.

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Gangnam Zombie Image Previews

Meanwhile, the character posters for Hyunseok and Minjung capture their ultimate fight to survive in a building in Gangnam that is packed with people who have turned into zombies.

Ji Il Joo frantically dashes behind the zombies that are after him, signaling an extreme survival fight that cannot be neglected at any given second. The poster also has a caption that says, “Don’t worry. I will protect you.” It not only foreshadows a difficult struggle that will add to his duty but also raises questions about how his character will break through the scenario.

On the other hand, T-Ara Jiyeon seems to have had trouble avoiding zombies, which makes viewers nervous and makes their hands sweat in anxiety. The poster also has a caption that says, “Let’s live together and escape here at all costs.”

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Gangnam Zombie Release Date

Gangnam Zombie marks the birth of a new type of zombie that has never been seen before in the Korean drama industry. Huge attention is focused on it as the previous zombie-related movies, Train to Busan, Peninsula, and Kingdom, had viewers ecstatic.

Gangnam Zombie is expected to be released on November 30, 2022.

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