Game-Changing Black Adam Post-Credits Scene Reportedly Confirms Henry Cavill's Superman Return

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's upcoming debut as Black Adam is undoubtedly one of the highly-anticipated projects of the DC Universe. However, aside from the titular hero's arrival, fans are also wondering what the film's post-credits will touch upon, specifically if it includes the long-awaited return of Henry Cavill as the beloved DC caped superhero, Superman.

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According to a report from Giant Freakin Robot, Black Adam's post-credits scene sees The Rock's titular hero sitting in his throne room and being persuaded by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to join her new secret team. When the antihero declines, Henry Cavill's Superman appears to defend Waller from Black Adam. See the report below:

"This Black Adam post-credits scene would confirm a number of rumors up till now, particularly that the DC Universe is setting up a confrontation between Dwayne Johnson’s character and whichever version of Superman will be around. It does raise a number of other questions, however; in particular, we do not yet know whether Amanda Waller is trying to get Black Adam to join some version of the Suicide Squad in the post-credits, or if she is developing some other, even more powerful team. Given that the Suicide Squad (or Task Force X) generally seems to be “recruited” from the ranks of imprisoned supervillains, it might hint that Waller is building another, even more secret team."

If that's not compelling enough, the post-credits scene will also see the Kryptonian hero and the Man in Black's first-ever interaction. Black Adam says, “There’s no one on this planet that can stop me,” and Superman counters it by saying, “Good thing I’m not from this planet.”

Warner Bros. Discovery is seemingly placing Dwayne Johnson at the center of the DC Universe, and his arrival will mark a reinvention of the franchise. Now, even though this post-credits appears to be a very long shot, it still makes sense, especially after The Rock and Warners Bros. claimed several times that Black Adam's arrival will change the hierarchy of power in the DCEU. To stir up anticipation, pitting Black Adam against Henry Cavill's Superman seems to be the wisest first move. Nonetheless, this post-credits scene will absolutely serve as the first chapter of a new slate of the franchise with an exciting super-fight down the line.

Black Adam will hit the big screens on October 21.

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