Futurama Fans Threaten to Boycott The Series Revival If John DiMaggio Won't Return as Bender

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The series revival is such a delight for many considering that it has been almost a decade since Futurama closed its curtains and with its comeback, all the original cast of the show are certain to return except for one: John DiMaggio who voiced Bender from the start and some fans threaten to boycott it if he would not be back.

Many fans are still upset with the character of Bender being recast that the #JohnDiMaggioIsBender trended on social media platforms. John DiMaggio is an original of the show and if he would not return, fans threaten to boycott the series revival on Hulu. Bender has been one of the pivotal roles that made the show lovable and others even pointed out the irony of using Bender’s photo to announce the revival of the show.

All of the original voice cast would return with Billy West as Fry, Katey Segal as Leela, along with Trees MacNellie, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, David Herman, and Maurice LaMarche given their extended deal already given a green light. Futurama will be having a 20-episode run on Hulu.

Reports came in that Hulu has decided to recast Bender and fan reactions are wild. With the show being given another chance, a boycott is not looking good just because DiMaggio won't get reinstated.

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DiMaggio has given the voice of Bender since the inception of the show in 1999 when it first aired on Fox where Futurama has five seasons until its cancellation in 2003. It, then, had a rerun of its episodes on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim from 2003 to 2007. The show got a new home on Comedy Central from 2008 until it closed the curtains on 2013. Now, for its comeback, it would be on Hulu.

John DiMaggio even boosted awareness on the matter by Tweeting initial statements and he retweets and favorites tweets of the fans who are also angered with Bender being recast. Here are some tweets of the fans that are upset on the decision of Hulu:

Futurama is eyeing a comeback in 2023 on Hulu.

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