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Furano City Refuses to Pay Dropkick on My Devil! X Creators Due to “Socially Unacceptable” Episode

Dropkick on My Devil X Jashin-chan

While Dropkick on My Devil! X got a successful crowdfunding campaign, it was revealed that Furano City will withhold its payment for the anime’s production following criticisms of a certain “socially unacceptable” episode.

Specifically, a report by the Hokkaido Shimbun revealed that Furano city officials did not approve the payment for the anime after they deemed the Furano City episode of the anime as casting Furano in a bad light (via Crunchyroll).

Dropkick on My Devil! X Episode 9 Controversy

Dropkick on My Devil! X (or Jashin-chan Doroppukikku in Japanese) is a comedy anime series by studio Nomad that’s based on the manga of the same name by Yukiwo.

The series follows a witch named Yurine Hanazono who summons a lamia (a child-eating monster) called Jashin from hell.

For a lamia to go back to hell, they must kill their summoner. But it turns out that Jashin is incompetent, so she gets stuck on Earth.

The series’ first and second seasons aired in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

It was then renewed for a third season which started airing in July. Its third season was made following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

dropkick on my devil anime episode 9 medusa
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Aside from crowdfunding, Japan’s Furusato Nozei (or Hometown Tax) also helped get the show made.

In case you’re unfamiliar, this system lets taxpayers donate to rural areas to get tax breaks.

In the Dropkick on My Devil! X anime, there's an episode that’s set in the city of Furano.

The episode in question is the ninth episode of the third season, and it featured one of the characters, Medusa, suggesting that they sell their organs to pay off debt.

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Furano City Finds Dropkick on My Devil! X Socially Unacceptable

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In exchange for this promotion, the city of Furano was set to provide extra funding for the anime’s production.

But because of that line, the Furano City committee that handles the city’s accounts decided to withhold the payment.

While it was decided that the payment won’t be made, the committee was split on the decision.

Some members were supportive of the anime as they said it was simply a story and that the line is just a small part of the episode.

Even Furano’s mayor, Taketoshi Kita, was disappointed with what happened.

He said that the result was an unfortunate outcome and that it was a criticism of freedom of speech.

Following the decision, Dropkick on My Devil!’s producers have yet to make a statement regarding the recent events.

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