Frieren Goes Full Dungeons & Dragons in One-Shot Spin-Off

Frieren one-shot manga
Credit: Kanehito Yamada / Tsukasa Abe / Shogakukan

Frieren one-shot manga
Credit: Kanehito Yamada / Tsukasa Abe / Shogakukan

While fans still need to wait a couple of months before the show’s premiere, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End readers will be treated to new one-shot spin-off manga, including one that goes full Dungeons & Dragons.

These five new one-shots will feature stories that star the Frieren main cast, though they have wildly different stories compared to the main manga.

As of today, three out of the five have been released, with the last two set to release tomorrow.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Announces Five One-Shot Manga Spin-Offs

frieren beyond journey's end anime
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These five one-shots were revealed by Shogakukan through its Sunday Webry online manga platform. This is also the platform where the five spin-offs will be released.

Thanks to its unique premise and more melancholic take on the fantasy adventure genre, Frieren has quickly become a popular manga.

Though these five spin-offs couldn’t be farther from the original story as they’re way more comedic.

For starters, one of the spin-offs is titled Chubo no Frieren (or Frieren of the Kitchen), and it follows the main character, Frieren, as she cooks the oversized hamburger for Stark.

Another funny one-shot is the Frieren wa Ningen wo Shiritai (or Frieren Wants to Learn About Humans). Here, Frieren sets her sights on becoming a kendama master.

The other two stories are Yusha Himmel no Bonkentan (The Adventures of Brave Himmel) and Himmel Tabi Nikki (Himmel’s Travel Diary).

As their titles imply, these two one-shots will follow Himmel, one of Frieren’s original party members.

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Frieren Goes Full Dungeons & Dragons in Hilarious One-Shot

The fifth and final one-shot is titled Yorimichi no Frieren (or Frieren’s Detour in English), and it features the elven protagonist as she explores a dungeon full of Mimics.

Mimics are beings that appear to be treasure chests but are actually fearsome monsters that trap unsuspecting adventurers.

These monsters are a staple in Dungeons & Dragons, as well as in other fantasy franchises like Dark Souls.

Frieren also features Mimics quite often. In fact, Frieren getting caught by a Mimic is a recurring joke in the original manga to the point that it’s a meme among the fanbase.

Its popularity with the fans is high enough that there is even official merchandise that shows this exact scenario, including a plushie recreation.

While there’s no word on an English release for these one-shots, the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime is expected to stream in English outside Japan in Fall 2023.

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Source: Sunday Webry via Anime News Network

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